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Do you actually know about the current condition of your car battery? Or do you, like other motorists also think that it is not as important as other parts of your car until your car fails to start due to a weak battery? Well, if this is the case, let us tell you a bit more about your car's battery and the necessity of regular monitoring and maintenance.

You can come to our MG Auto Motorsport Ltd workshop in Ripley, Nottinghamshirefor regular battery check-ups. We have trained technicians who will inspect your car's battery completely and offer you a suitable solution, if necessary. Moreover, our staff is always ready to provide you with advice on all necessary measures you must take in order to maintain the condition of your car's battery.

We have a vast collection of car batteries of all reputed brands and of all sizes and our experienced technicians can help you choose the best one for your car.

However, if you have any concerns about the condition of the battery of your car, you can give us call as well.

How Do Car Batteries work?

As soon as you turn the key of your car, the battery starts supplying power to the starter motor of the vehicle and turns the engine on. At the same time, power from the car battery is sent to the spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air mixture which is being compressed in the combustion cylinder of the engine.

In order to keep the car battery completely charged, the battery's power is replaced by the alternator. The alternator is the component of the car that supplies the electric current to various electric systems of the vehicle.

Presence of all these electric elements and some additional elements in your vehicle such as satellite navigator, air conditioner, music system, etc. add extra demand of energy which is fulfilled by car's battery and hence it becomes inevitable to stop its draining. And, at one point your car's battery may fail.

The an average life expectancy of a car battery is six to seven years, but there are some reasons that can cause early failure.

What can cause a car battery to fail early than expected?

  • Car's light being left on.
  • The car is standing for a long period of time without being used.
  • Excessive strain on battery due to excessive use of car's electrical systems such as A/C, satellite navigation, radio, etc.
  • Sometimes extreme weather conditions as well can become the cause of early battery failure.

These are a few common causes, there can be various others as well. However, you may experience below-mentioned symptoms, when your car's battery fails:

  • You will face problem in starting the engine of your car.
  • You may get issues while operating the music system, air condition, or wipers of the car.
  • One of the most prominent symptoms is a rotten smell coming from your car, which is caused by the boiling acid in the battery due to the excessive workload on it.

If any such situations occur, you must get your car battery inspected immediately at our MG Auto Motorsport workshop in Ripley, Nottinghamshire. Our expert staff will give you the best advice.

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