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Brake Replacement Services

The braking anatomy of your vehicle is instrumental in ensuring comfort and safety while travelling. Want to ensure proper functioning of the brakes? Opt for a reliable service station like MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire!

At MG Auto Motorsport, our experts cater to every requirement pertaining to your vehicle’s braking system. Be it any model, we strive to offer top-quality service ensuring proper functioning of the entire braking system.

What makes us stand out?

* Brakes being one of the essential parts of a vehicle demand high quality replacement. We assure you to give products which match up to the original specifications.

* We specialise in replacing brake pads, brake lines, drum brakes, disk brakes, and brake shoes. We place great emphasis on changing the brake fluid.

* MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshireperforms complete brake inspection to identify the glitches and conducts brake tests to ensure their functionality and efficiency.

Hence, when it comes to safety, trust only the specially trained experts at MG Auto Motorsport to work on your brakes. To ensure your safety on road, our experts will guide you through the maintenance procedures as well.

When should you come for brake inspection?

You can consider certain indications to come for an inspection.

  1. Constant squealing or squeaking sound from the brakes
  2. Jerks, vibrations and pulls when braking
  3. ABS warning light indicator glowing up
  4. Dashboard light turning red
  5. Brake pedal giving a softer or spongier feel while braking
  6. Leaking brake fluid around engine compartment

**Remember that you should never let the brake fluid leak or run low as this condition is caused by excessive wearing in the discs. Rather, seek professional assistance much ahead of time.

Brake types we service

Drum brakes: The granddaddy of all modern braking services, the drum brakes were normally used in two-wheelers earlier. These are gradually being replaced nowadays with the more common, and more effective, disc brakes.

Disc brakes: Most modern cars use disc brakes. Nowadays, ventilated disc brakes are taking over the conventional discs as they can handle greater loads. Ventilated disc brakes are easily identified by two discs separated by cooling fins in between.

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System: This is the most in-vogue braking system which MG Auto Motorsport caters to. Basically, the ABS is a type of electronic braking where a sensor controls and keeps the car steady if the brakes are applied hard. Most technicians dealing in ABS will tell you that they are easily the safest options available. At MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, we use computerised, state-of-the-art techniques to diagnose and deal with your ABS issues.

To precisely identify issues with your brakes, allow our mechanics to evaluate your vehicle and offer you a satisfactory repairing and replacement service.

Here’s something more for you:

Whether you need to fix the brakes or want a complete replacement service, visit or contact us at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd today. We promise to offer you 100% satisfaction with our brake replacement service. You can contact us online and book an appointment to get your brake parts replaced