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Have you noticed something “off” with your vehicle? Maybe the check engine light is on, but you don’t know what to do with it? Or does the brake paddle feel soft and engage later than required? Is your car engine heating up quickly, or there is always a delay while firing the engine? All these are minor signs which reveal whether your vehicle needs a repair service now or later.

At MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, our expert technician will inspect your car for ailments and will repair everything that is necessary. Maintaining your vehicle’s health is important. Like any other well-oiled machine, they perform better and last for a long time. Also, it makes them safer and increases your vehicle’s resale value.

We offer some of the best services when it comes to repairs in Ripley, Nottinghamshire. Enjoy our hassle-free and affordable service and bring out the best performance in your vehicle.

Visit us with your vehicle to avail our affordable repair service and avail any (or all) of the following.

1. Engine tune-up

Regular engine tune-ups bring back the lost power and efficiency of your car. At MG Auto Motorsport, we measure the engine’s performance, run it through diagnostics, and inspect all parts of the engine visually and technically to understand what needs a repair.

We recommend different services according to the vehicle’s usage history, and the typical driving conditions. Our car repair Ripley, Nottinghamshire offer,

All standard engine repair services:

* Complete visual inspection of engine components.

* Optimising the timing and idling settings.

* Inspection of the pistons, piston rings, spark plugs and valves; repair and replace if necessary.

* Scrutinising and repair of connecting rod, crankshaft and sump.

* An inspection of the fuel tank, if you are experiencing any fuel leaks.

* Checking and repairing the fuel pump if needed.

2. Radiator flush and repairs

An engine consists of moving parts which create a lot of friction and generate heat. Optimum engine running conditions at a certain temperature is maintained by the radiator preventing unnecessary overheating.

Maintenance of the radiator is necessary for your vehicle. We offer a range of options from ‘parts inspection’ & ‘repair’ to a full service, all at affordable repair service price tags.

MG Auto Motorsport radiator repair:

We offer-

* Repair of the cooling sensor

* Fan belts

* Radiator Hoses

* Serpentine belt

* Thermostat

* Water pump

* Heater core

* Heater Hoses

We also offer a comprehensive system inspection while repairing any damaged parts, and a machine powered radiator flush with pressure check for leaks.

3. Suspension and steering repair services

You are in for a bumpy ride on this one – literally. Your vehicle's suspension is responsible for a smooth ride irrespective of the surface, and proper steering stops you from veering off to the side of the road.

Contact us at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd for availing all your steering or suspension related repair services in Ripley, Nottinghamshire.

Our repair services include-

* Repairing the springs

* Differentials

* Power steering unit

* Shocks

* Struts

* Wheel bearings

So if you notice any sudden jerk, or noise when driving over bumps, or even conditions of a wandering steering wheel, contact us immediately for a repair service at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire.

4. Air condition repair

At MG Auto Motorsport, repair and servicing of your car’s AC are undertaken by certified technicians. We will examine your car’s AC system, and repair it if there is any leak.

Over time the fittings, O-rings and seals of the AC might wear out. We do a thorough inspection including-

* Running a performance test

* Performing a system control test

* Running a leak test

If we find any issues with the unit, we will repair it right away.

5. Body kit repair

We do a thorough inspection for any bumps or dents in the car body and will repair it if there is any, all in a very inexpensive repair price.

So why wait? Book your appointment today, and get the best deals on repairs in Ripley, Nottinghamshire at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd. Reach us via phone, or online, or better still, bring your car straight to our workshop. We are always here to help you.