Car Tyres

Before you decide to buy car tyres online, you need to check some details, and they are the correct size and type for your vehicle. Numerous UK citizens go on to buy a car tyre mindlessly without checking the intricacies.

However, when you choose to buy a car tyre from us at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, we will provide you with all the details. We strive to ensure that your buying experience is easy and convenient so that you can take the right decision for a better driving experience.

Here we provide all the specific details you should check before purchasing a car tyre:

EU Tyre Label

The EU Tyre Label is a mandatory label that is present on all tyres sold in the UK. Started in 2012, the EU Tyre Label helps individuals pick one that precisely suits their vehicular preferences.

This label projects the fuel efficiency and wet grip capabilities of a tyre, and are rated from A – good to G – bad. The higher the rating for fuel efficiency, the more mileage a vehicle owner will get.

Likewise, higher ratings for wet grip would mean better steering control on wet roads. Other than the above, the label also specifies the noise level a tyre produces and is measured in decibels (dB).

Tyre Types

When looking for car tyres in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, you need to check for the following types:

* Winter

Winter tyres perform exceptionally during low temperatures and can maintain a good grip on wet and slippery roads even when temperatures go below 7 degrees C. With specially designed treads segregated for more grooves, these tyres can improve handling, cornering, and braking in snow and ice.

These types of tyres can provide a road grip of up to 60% more than usual tyres. Winter tyres can contain more than 1500 treads, while summer ones only contain around 200.

* Summer

In the UK, the majority of the cars are fitted with summer tyres as they provide excellence in both dry and wet conditions. They can deliver satisfactory performance in winter conditions as well.

* All Seasons

As the name suggests, all seasons tyres work well during both summer and winter conditions. With these tyres, you are not required to change them as the seasons change. However, these may fail to deliver a pleasant grip on icy and snowy roads.

* High Performance

High-performance and Ultra-high Performance tyres come into contact with the road more, therefore giving you significant traction enhancement. One drawback of these tyres is their slightly lower control on wet roads.

So, now that you have a better understanding, head over to our website and buy your car tyres online. MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire offers a hassle-free and affordable service, thus making us one of the foremost tyre suppliers in the area.