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Clutches establish a connection between an engine and transmission of a vehicle. The primary application of the clutch lies in aiding seamless gear shifts and allowing a vehicle to be on ignition while still in gear.

Extensive use of the clutch can lead to the progressive damage of the clutch plate and lead to performance inefficiency. This is where we at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire come in to ensure that your vehicle receives a clutch repair or replacement at the appropriate time and within affordable price brackets.

Why do clutches need care?

Clutches are designed to bear a certain amount of torque. Under instances of excessive load, the probability of wear & tear increases manifold.

A clutch consists of the pressure plate, flywheel and the clutch disc. These three components work together by engaging and disengaging to initiate every stop and gear movement. Thus, frictional heat is generated and makes longevity of a clutch vulnerable with time.

How to know when to replace clutches?

Disruptions in normal clutch operations are easily noticeable. Look for the following vital signs and prepare for clutch replacement as these may point towards clutch breakdown:

* Emission of smoke from underneath the vehicle; excessive load and overheating can cause this.

* The clutch pedals will be harder to press and will hamper smooth driving. This may happen due to failure in hydraulic linkages.

* Gear slippage under heavy load, this requires immediate attention to avoid further disaster.

* Leakage of hydraulic fluids or a worn piston seal in the cylinder also demands a replacement.

* Unnatural noises. Clutch noises are results of either a bad bearing or a bad pilot bushing against the back of the crankshaft.

The performance of a clutch depends on the vehicle it is used in. Larger or heavier vehicles need higher capacity clutches with larger clutch plates. A user may upgrade a clutch by getting a flywheel replacement in Ripley from us at MG Auto Motorsport to maintain a sustainable performance.

Also, the durability of a clutch matters on the individual and how he uses it. Drivers who continuously keep their foot on the pedal are sure to burn out their clutch plates faster. The driving style can thus impact the clutch too. Frequent speed alterations demand instant gear shifts leading to extensive wear & tear of clutch plates.

Thus, it is often advised to keep the clutch free when the car is not mobile; many people keep it in first gear and put unnecessary strain on the clutch rather the choosing the neutral gear. Also, using a car’s handbrakes while parking can minimise pressure on clutch plates as the power from the engine to the wheels won’t be transmitted.

Clutch Replacement at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire

Clutch replacements are a tricky job. One needs to disconnect the engine from the transmission. So, allow our professionals at MG Auto Motorsport to identify the damaged areas of your clutch plate and render your vehicle with the required replacements.

Here at MG Auto Motorsport, we specialise in the replacement of clutch components with special attention so that your car can continue with its hassle-free running.