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Does your car have a significantly louder exhaust note than it is supposed to be? Is it losing on power, or not delivering on its recommended mileage? Can you feel vibrations creeping through the steering wheel or accelerator on revving each time?

Then, your car might have a problem with its exhaust.

But fear not! We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshirecan be your one-stop solution for exhaust malfunctioning and repair requirements. By performing a thorough check of your vehicle’s exhaust, we will advise you on the condition of your car’s exhaust system and the necessary actions to be taken.

Signs of a problem

Whenever you turn your car on, its engine produces heat and gas by burning fuel which makes its way out through the exhaust. Because of all that temperature variation, a car's exhaust is subjected to extreme thermal stress, creating leaks in the exhaust system leading to the release of harmful gases.

Here are a few signs of a faulty exhaust:

* Noise- If you hear an odd noise coming from your car’s exhaust, it might indicate a loose mounting bracket or a loose fitting of the system. Vibrations caused by its engine puts structural stress on the exhaust system and tailpipe, and that can damage parts to the extent of getting an exhaust replacement.

* Low power delivery- If your vehicle starts losing power while consuming more fuel, it might signify a leak in the exhaust. The noxious fume is not being carried away, and that’s making its engine operate at a higher temperature, resulting in poor performance.

* Poor fuel efficiency- A leak in the exhaust can also cause poor fuel efficiency. As the engine is working at a much warmer temperature, it burns more fuel to create the same amount of energy.

How often should you inspect it?

The best recommendation is to get the exhaust system checked at least once every year to ensure that it is functioning properly. We offer affordable rates on inspection of the exhaust system in Ripley, Nottinghamshireso that you don’t have to worry about a faulty exhaust system.

Problems faced with a faulty exhaust

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is a complex structure comprising of smaller components. Its cylinder head, catalytic converter, muffler, and resonator require time-to-time maintenance. Delaying repairs can damage the engine, or even leak exhaust fumes inside the cabin, which may prove fatal.

Proper exhaust service is also important for our environment. The catalytic converter filters a major portion of the harmful gases. Moreover, it is against the law to use a vehicle with a very high emission rate.

How to maintain it?

Our experienced technicians will offer you an excellent exhaust repair in Ripley, Nottinghamshire. We will look for any issue, and if needed, we will perform repairs or replacements on parts like the muffler, O2 sensor, catalytic converter etc. You will see the improved performance of the engine along with a reduced noise level and improved fuel consumption immediately after the repair.

Why us?

Doing a proper inspection and repairing needs a team of expert technician who can quickly but correctly analyse the problem and solve it.

We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd have years of experience behind us and will help in making your car more efficient and perform better at the same time with our exhaust repair inRipley, Nottinghamshire.

Stop by our shop for a one-stop solution and let us inspect and repair your car’s exhaust system right away. We only use genuine spares and register every service in the service book.

Book an appointment right now via phone or online, or simply visit us at our workshop.