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Getting a car’s oil changed is inexact science. No two car drivers and experts agree exactly when the time is right for an oil change. This is where our professionals at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd Ripley, Nottinghamshire come in handy. With years of experience behind them, they can correctly analyse the shape a car is in. We can also help you improve your car’s performance once the oil change has been done.

How do I know an oil change is due?

Like we said before, it is pretty difficult to formulate a strict oil change timeline. However, most car manufacturers state in their owner’s manuals that an oil change should be anywhere in between 3000 and 10,000 miles.

There are other factors at play here too. How hard you drive your car, the environment you normally drive in, whether you drive on a highway or in a Ripley where stop-and-go is the norm- all of these aspects necessitate either postponing or bringing forward an oil change.

Remember that an oil change involves the draining out of the old and existing oil and replacing it with new and fresh oil. Such an operation also involves the replacement of the oil filter.

Our experts at MG Auto Motorsport in Ripley, Nottinghamshire understand the importance of this delicate operation perfectly. We take special care when it comes to the filter replacement as it is a vital component of the entire process.

You should change your oil more often if…

Our MG Auto Motorsport experts have picked out the exact reasons why an oil change becomes absolutely necessary at times. You must perform an oil change more often if:

* You are a performance driver.

* The climate where you drive is either extremely hot or very cold.

* You drive often on dirt roads, predominantly known as off-roading.

* You have an older engine which burns a lot of oil.

* You often carry a ton of luggage on-board your car.

What if I skip the oil change part?

The capability and life of your engine will be seriously hampered. Also, accepting clean oil for your engine and the entire changing process is far better than the insurance companies turning you down when your car goes out of circulation.

Why choose MG Auto Motorsport?

MG Auto Motorsport Ltd Ripley, Nottinghamshire has been trusted by a lot of people over the years. Book an appointment with us, come in, and drive out in a better car. Allow us to give your prized procession its required oil transfusion.