Performance Tyres

Performance tyres, as the name suggests, cater to drivers and vehicle owners willing to step up the performance notch of their vehicle significantly. In contrast to mainstream rubber, these high-grade variants adhere to multiple niches providing better tarmac grip or tighter corner hugs depending on their categories.

We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire believe in providing our clients with the state of the art rubbers for their vehicles. Designed with a specific tread pattern, these tyres, we have seen, ensure durability as well as better on-road safety. With increasing demand for performance tyres across the UK, we at MG Auto Motorsport strive to be a pioneer of this service.

How are performance tyres different?

From function to composition, performance tyres are quite unlike the others. They are made of:

* A rigid rubber that helps in enhanced cornering; crucial for high-speed vehicles.

* The tread pattern uses fewer blades and larger tread blocks providing a firmer grip and dry traction.

Moreover, being built with resilient rubber compounds which don’t get wasted by frictional heat, performance tyres are wider than any traditional tyre, courtesy their larger surface area. This helps in driving with better control even on wet surfaces.

Tyres provided by MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire will aid in noise-free driving over any surface and also help to boost your fuel efficiency. Sports car drivers often use these tyres for not only speed but also for their responsiveness, achieved by shorter stopping distances.

Why Choose MG Auto Motorsport?

At MG Auto Motorsport, we offer a wide range of global high-performance tyres in Ripley, Nottinghamshire that would be perfect for your car. Moreover, with us, you will receive:

* Purchase assistance.

* Packages fitting your budgets.

* Tyres catering to a myriad of vehicle models.

* State of the art servicing and tyre check-ups.

Moreover, our experts follow a step by step procedure in analysing your vehicle, understanding the apt requirement of performance tyres, and providing them as fast as possible.

So, why the delay! We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire will provide your vehicle with credible and highly scalable performance tyres for your vehicle. Visit us, so that we can deliver you our service and make your ride a lot smoother.

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