D-Force Electronic Boost Controller with EGT Sensor

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D-Force Electronic Boost Controller with EGT Sensor


Manufacturer Title: D-Force Electronic Boost Controller with EGT Sensor

Manufacturer Description:

The D-Force is the perfect partner for all turbo diesel engines that use a pneumatic wastegate. Using a modified version of the G-Force II closed-loop boost control algorithm to suit the different behavior of diesel engines, the D-Force has the features to tailor boost to suit your needs. With 6 boost presets and a timed scramble feature that can be selected on-the-fly, the D-Force can adjust your boost for all driving conditions such as overtaking, towing, economy, racing, or even protecting the engine.

As any modified turbo diesel owner knows, it is important to monitor EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) to avoid costly engine damage. Not only can the D-Force control your boost, but it can also display EGT! This option comes supplied with the EGT sensor so you can toggle between boost or EGT display (in °C or °F), and set a high temperature warning.

No other EBC offers the features, control, and ease of use like the D-Force.

  • For boost pressures up to 50psi (3.45BAR, 345kPa)
  • Adjust peak boost, rise rate, and closed-loop correction
  • Display boost pressure in psi, BAR, or kPa
  • Display EGT in °C or °F
  • 6 boost presets, individually programmable
  • Unique “scramble” feature with remote switching
  • Peak boost recall
  • Adjustable overboost warning/boost cut
  • Touch buttons with user selectable illumination colours
  • Auxiliary input to switch boost presets or activate scramble
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001
  • For use with turbo diesel engines that use a pneumatically controlled wastegate (not suitable for use with VNT/VGT or electronic actuators)


Please Note

Any form of boost control should be considered a tuning tool rather than a bolt-on power adder, and therefore adjustments should be done with knowledge of the limits of the engine/turbo to maximize the performance gains and reliability from using this product.

Genuine Go Fast Bit Part Number: 3007

To fit the following vehicles:

Toyota Hilux, LN6_, LN5_, YN6_, YN5_, VZN1_, RZN1_ 3.0 D 4WD Platform/Chassis AWD 1997-2005
Toyota Hilux, MK II 3.0 D 4WD Pickup AWD 2001-2005
Toyota Hilux, ZN13_, LN9_, RN1_, YN8_, LN8_ 2.4 TD 4WD SUV AWD 1989-1995
Toyota Hilux, ZN13_, LN9_, RN1_, YN8_, LN8_ 3.0 TDCi 4WD SUV AWD 1993-1997
Toyota Land Cruiser, 120 Series 3.0 D-4D SUV AWD 2002-2009
Toyota Land Cruiser, 80 Series 4.2 TD SUV AWD 1990-1997
Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon, FZJ1_, UZJ1_ 4.2 TD SUV AWD 1998-2007
Toyota Land Cruiser, PZJ7_, KZJ7_, HZJ7_, BJ7_, LJ7_, RJ7_ 4.2 D SUV AWD 1990-2017

Product Range: Electronic Boost Controllers – Take Control of your Boost

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