Ferrari 308 (75-85) NTR R3 Nitron Suspension Kit


Nitron NTR R3 for the Ferrari 308 75-85

SKU: NTCFE015R3 Category: Tag: Product ID: 310448


Ferrari 308 (75-85) NTR R3 Nitron Suspension Kit. Part Number: NTCFE015R3
Product Type: NTR R3

Style: H (Key: H = Hose Canister Style, PB = Piggyback Canister Style).

Product Information

The Nitron NTR R3 system really does set the standard for ultimate performance with a controls that offer drivers and engineers unparalleled damping range adjustment.
With independent 3-way damping adjustment and incorporating a class leading large diameter piston and ultra-strong piston rod, the NTR R3 system delivers outstanding levels of performance, damping control and adjustment. Piggyback or remotel hose mounted reservoir options allow quick and simple independent adjustment of high and low speed compression damping. A large range of adjustment and quality of feedback allows the experienced driver/team to optimise suspension settings and fully exploit the potential of their car. The NTR R3 is a regular race winner and holds lap records right across a wide spectrum of international motorsport formulas.

Every NTR R3 kit is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable High-grade materials and external finishes protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight. Hard-anodised titanium finish parts are used to ensure dampers last season after season.

Unique Bi-Axis Hose Fittings

Nitron NTR R3 Hose shocks exclusively employ Nitron’s own unique Bi-Axis fittings that allow for simple and precise installation.

Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific shock end fittings may differ from that shown.

All Nitron shocks are hand made to order to each individual customer’s requirements. Lead times are normally 2 – 3 weeks, but at certain times may be slightly longer. If you would like a more accurate delivery time please contact us.

MG Auto Motorsport Ltd is an authorised dealer of Nitron Suspensions and Shocks and we are pleased to offer the full range of products

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