Ford Focus RS Mk3 (2015+) 2.3 EcoBoost (350ps) Stage 2 Revo Remap

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Ford Focus RS Mk3 (2015+) 2.3 EcoBoost (350ps) Stage 2 Revo Remap

Important Information: Once you have purchased this software, it will need to be flashed by MG Autos. Please contact us to arrange this on 01773 745 400.

Stock Power: 350ps | Stock Torque: 325lbft
Remap Power: 405ps to 442ps | Remap Torque: 425lbft to 455lbft
NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions

SPS Modes: Stock and 2 performance modes + Anti-Theft. Click here to purchase the SPS Device
Hardware Requirements

Available as part of the Revo Focus RS Stage 2 Performance Pack

Click here for more information

Required Hardware Upgrades

Recommended Hardware Upgrades

*De-cat or DPF delete hardware & software is intended for track / offroad use only.

Revo Software

Modern engines are controlled by software installed on an Engine Control Unit (ECU), the ‘brains’ of the vehicle. Factory software is designed to give models consistency in performance, regardless of the country they are sold in, with power outputs segmented depending on the target customer, leaving lots of room for improvements.

All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev-range while maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms.

Although Revo offer some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during development. Revo Software offers a perfect balance of performance, economy, longevity and safety.

Development and testing of Revo performance software is done in a number of territories around the world, taking into account variations in atmospheric conditions such as altitude and temperature. The Revo R&D process is the most extensive and in-depth in the industry, giving you a product you can trust and an experience you wont forget.



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