Forge Motorsport Dump Valve Spring (Single)


Part Number: FMDVSU110. Valve Spring color coding: Green – 6-8 PSI, Yellow – 10-12 PSI, Blue – 14-16 PSI, Red – 18-20 PSI

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These are the individual springs sold in our FMDVTUN kit. Please select the colour you require using the options above.

Valve Spring color coding: Green – 5-15 PSI, Yellow – 15-23 PSI, Blue – 23-30 PSI, Red – 30 + PSI
*The above figures are estimates and should only be considered as a guideline*

Note: The quoted spring pressure (PSI) relates to the un-assisted clamping force of the spring and should NOT be taken as an equivalent to boost pressure when determining suitability. Once a valve is fitted to a car it is subjected to various pressures that act upon the diaphragm or piston to aid its respective ability to seal or hold boost. An example of this, would be when using a FMCL007P valve on a 1.8T engine as found in the TT 225hp. The boost pressure on a ‘chipped’ car can peak at 26psi. The recommended spring would be the Green or Yellow.

Note: Serious or fatal damage may occur to the engine and associated components if this product is incorrectly matched to the individual engine requirements. Forge Motorsport nor any of it’s Authorised Distributors can assume any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the installation of this product. 

If you are unsure if this product is suitable for your application, please contact us. 

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