Forge Motorsport Front Brake Kit – 356mm (18′ or Larger Wheels)


Part Number: FMBKMK5. Front Brake Kit – 356mm (18" or larger wheels) VW AUDI SEAT SKODA

SKU: FMBKMK5 Tag: Product ID: 359844


This kit is suitable for the VW Mk5 Golf including R32, Golf Mk6/Mk7, Audi A3, TTRS, TTS, VW Scirocco, 2013 model VW Beetle, as long as they are fitted with 18inch or larger wheels.

If you are running stock VW wheels, you may need to fit a 5mm spacer in order to clear the back of the spokes. Please contact us to check.

The discs of this big brake kit are grooved to remove braking residue and maintain optimum performance. Included in the kit are Forge braided brake hoses, mountings, and brake pads.

  • Immediate brake pedal response
  • Lifetime Warranty (brake lines only)
  • Choice of colour
  • Compatible with all brake fluids
  • Reduces pedal sponginess under hard braking
  • Will not corrode (brake lines only)


Brake Pads

This brake kit is supplied with either our Forge Ceramic Brake Pads (FMBKPAD) or EBC Yellow Pads. As you would expect from Forge, we are supplying a product that delivers the ideal combination of Ceramic braking Technology aligned with performance, comfort, and reliability –  This is the result of rigorous testing and development 

  • Strength and flexibility 
  • Noise prevention 
  • Unrivalled and sustainable performance and comfort 
  • Consistent stopping power
  • Long lasting quality

Brake Calipers

Our lightweight six-pot caliper is a single-piece aluminium Mono-bloc design. This design has been used to maximise rigidity, pedal feel and overall braking performance. The caliper incorporates a progressive six-piston setup to give great brake balance, and high quality seals increasing resilience to road salts and other corrosive elements.

  • Maximum rigidity
  • Great balance
  • High quality seals
  • Since piece mono bloc design
  • Better pedal feel

Brake Discs

Our 2-piece floating rotors are CNC machined lightweight forged billet aluminium rotor hats/bells. The proprietary iron alloy rotor discs come with directional curved vanes for optimized rotor cooling and the slotted rotors allows for dust and gas evacuation, which further adds long term durability.

Brake Lines

Our brake lines are hand-finished with Teflon-lined braided stainless steel bodies and custom-machined stainless fittings, resulting in a brake hose that will perform under the most extreme and harsh conditions, whilst still looking good and performing at the highest level. 

Other Information

Depending on your wheel design, you may need spacers between the hub and the wheel in order to clear the calipers. We have a stencil available for you to place behind your wheels to work out fitment. Please email [email protected] for further information. We advise fitting by a competent person or qualified mechanic. 

These kits do not have CE/TUV approval and are recommended for race use only

Each Caliper weighs 3.25kg
Each Disc weighs 9.35kg

Torque Settings:
Carrier to Hub 190-200NM
Caliper to Carrier 130NM

Due to the high demand of our brake kits and as all of our kits are made to order, there is normally a 14-16 week lead time on them.

No warranty is offered for brake vibration suffered due to uneven rotor thickness wear after incorrect installation of brake rotors. It is commonly known in the brake rotor business that accurate mounting and checking of runout on brake rotors is paramount at installation, and in spite of necessary warnings many mechanics still see fit to ignore this warning and complete the fitment without checking the rotor runout. This leads to brake vibration in the 3000 to 5000 miles lifetime period, voiding the warranty. The solution for vibration at this stage is to have the rotors turned or replaced, and to thoroughly clean the mounting flange on the vehicle, carefully checking for runout before returning the vehicle to service use.

Due to the demanding conditions and the harsh nature of the environment brake calipers are subjected to, we cannot offer any guarantee or warranty on their painted surfaces.


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