Forge Motorsport Inlet Hose for BMW B58 (M140i, M240i, M340i, M440i)


Part Number: FMINLH25. Inlet Hose for BMW B58 (M140i, M240i, M340i, M440i)

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When looking at the B58 engine within the M140i/240i/340i/440i engine bay it’s clear that BMW had left some room for modification within the inlet tract, the sound resonator and accordion ribs cause significant turbulence to the airflow causing a detriment to the engine’s potential performance. By removing these, and replacing it with five-ply silicone construction you gain a host of performance upgrades, including:

  • Significant power gain of over 9bhp engine power and 7nm of torque.
  • Improved induction noise.
  • Multi ply silicone construction improves longevity of FMINLH25 over that of the OEM hose.
  • 5 ply silicone construction will be able to handle strain of engine mapping far better than OEM hose.
  • Fitting with no specialist tools in approximately half an hour.

Testing was completed using Performance Remap in Gloucester with their VTEC 4 wheel drive dynamometer, This was to ensure all our data has been achieved with results as accurately as possible by an independent tuner. The results below speak for themselves, also with the added benefit of being a very easy component to fit with no specialist tools this is superb, affordable modification for the BMW enthusiast.

From the dyno graph shown, performance gains can be expected from 4500RPM to the red line with +9BHP and +7NM of torque at peak RPM. Not only is FMINLH25 a functional improvement, but with it being available in black and red this product really helps to improve the aesthetics of the engine bay.

One major difference of FMINLH25 is the diameter of the hose at the airbox end. Usually this is 85mm diameter, however FMINLH25 is 90mm diameter, and uses a silicone reducer sleeve so that it fits the OEM airbox correctly. This increase of 5mm diameter allows the inlet hose to be used with a wider variety of airbox/intake systems while also increasing the volume and de-restricting the flow of the OEM part,



This product is a direct fit for the OEM part 13718601682 (just the turbo inlet to airbox section).

  • The hoses are suitable to be used with either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist.
  • The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Why not pair this with our Forge Motorsport replacement high flow panel filter (FMPAN-0172) if you are using the OEM airbox.

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