Forge Motorsport Oil Catch Tank Kit for the DS3 1.6 Turbo (Pre 2016 Only), and Peugeot 207 1.6 Turbo


Part Number: FMCTDS3. Oil Catch tank kit for the DS3 1.6 turbo and Peugeot 207 1.6 Turbo

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A complete Oil Catch tank solution for the Citroen DS3 and Peugeot 207 (1.6 turbo engines).

Excess crankcase pressure is vented from the crankcase through the PCV system, where it is drawn into the intake manifold and returned by the engine. This recirculated air contains aerated oil from the crankcase which is burned by the engine. Turbo charged engines often draw significant amounts of oil into the engine through the PCV system. This oil catch tank system removes aerated oil so that it can be drained and recycled.

If you have ever wondered just how efficient these kits are at removing the sludge and oil, take a look at the video above.

Aerated vapours in the blow-by gases are only partially responsible for intake valve deposits. Installation of this product will only partially limit the potential for these deposits to occur. Intake valve deposits can still form to some degree due to seepage of oil from the intake valve guides.

Please note, this will fit with the OE Air Box system.

These kits are available with either Red, blue, or black silicone hoses. Please select the colour required in the options, when placing your order.

  • Bespoke fitting kit for Citroen DS3
  • A drain tap for ease of emptying
  • The Forge silicone hoses in this kit have been designed to include an expensive inner liner of modified silicone known as Flurosilicone. This means the hoses are suitable to be used with modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) and oil mist. The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically. The use of a Flurosilicone liner ensures that Forge silicone hoses are the clear market leader.


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