Forge Motorsport Oil Cooler for Toyota Yaris GR


Part Number: FMOC12. FMOC12 Oil cooler for Toyota Yaris GR

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This will fit both left and right hand drive vehicles

Due to the Toyota Yaris GR’s huge popularity as a fast road car, it was only logical that it is now being used as a capable track day vehicle. However, the difference of spirited road use or hard track laps does highlight some chinks in the Toyota’s usual reliable armour. Cooling being the most criticized area both with inlet air temperatures and in this case engine oil temperatures. FMOC12 has been developed with the same engineering expertise from our direct involvement within the BTCC and Mini Challenge race series, where we have provided race proven cooling packages. These see extensive driving over the race season calendar, and we have directly transferred our knowledge from this over to our road going products, so we are proud to give the Yaris GR the same motorsport treatment. By doing this, you can lower your oil temps on and off the track whilst providing a product that does not skimp on quality, so much so that it is backed by our Forge Lifetime Guarantee*


FMOC12 has its inlet and outlets placed in the correct position for optimum flow. When oil coolers are fitted upside-down this can lead to cavitation (air locks) within the system, which over a prolonged period of time can lead to engine fatigue and potentially internal component damage due to insufficient engine lubrication.The research and development team spent countless hours researching the best possible configuration of cooler fitment for the Yaris GR with all aspects of the design being considered. This led to us developing a bespoke fabricated item that would not only be easy to install but also be the best performing product currently on the market.

Approximate total oil capacity of the Yaris GR when fitted with the Forge oil cooler is 4.75 litres.

Unlike many oil cooler kits, the FMOC12 keeps the factory oil to water cooler in position. This essentially doubles your engines oil cooling. We’ve also developed the kit to use a bespoke laser cut aluminium bracket which makes for perfect fitment to the Toyota Yaris GR crash bar. Supplied with the performance part kit are 2x pre-assembled, high-quality double braided AN-8 oil lines. 

The Forge oil cooler is available in three colour choices, stealth black for the OEM look, raw motorsport alloy. or performance red, for a racing parts feel.


During our time developing new performance products, we found a significant floor with the vehicle especially when tuned. Oil temperatures can climb to dangerous levels when on track or when driven hard in hotter climates. Rising oil temperatures will result in only one outcome, a reduction of sufficient lubrication of your engines internal components. The location of the car oil cooler radiator at the front of the vehicle’s radiator grill allows for superior air flow and during our development of this product, we have seen oil temperatures reduced significantly. Therefore, the FMOC12 is a must have product for the keen driver to protect their vehicle performance and longevity.

We’ve incorporated a thermostat that is built into the oil cooler sandwich plate, this has been set to open at 85C as this was observed to be the optimal working temperature of the oil cooler when testing, this means the engine is working at its most efficient oil temperature range however hard you push the vehicle.

This GR Yaris oil cooler kit is a complete bolt on package and in turn means it is also fully reversable if required. It is also supplied with a full set of comprehensive instructions.

In the box:
1x Forge Aluminium sandwich plate

1x Twin pass oil cooler 
2x Oil lines 
All the fixings required 

Complimentary Products

After discussions with many GR Yaris owners about airbox modifications, Forge Motorsport are proud to release the Toyota Yaris GR Inlet Duct. The Forge inlet duct allows you to add an aesthetically pleasing carbon fibre part to your Yaris GR’s engine bay and help keep your inlet temperatures down during spirited driving and whilst on the track or rally stage. 

The FMTIA8 is the new turbo inlet adaptor for the Toyota Yaris GR. Throughout the development process we have strived to improve the efficiency and performance of the Yaris GR’s engine and for this product we felt we would offer the whole inlet pipe work as one complete package. FMTIA8 consists of a billet machined turbo adaptor, two 5 ply silicone hoses and mandrel bent alloy hard pipe.

It is recommended for any vehicle where the boost pressure has been increased by an ECU software upgrade and for unmodified vehicles operating in warmer climates, as a solution to the many failures that have occurred. The Forge motorsport valve solution is available in either atmospheric where a noise is heard when the throttle is lifted or the factory type non noise recirculating valve.

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