Forge Motorsport Toyota Yaris GR Inlet Duct


Part Number: FMINLD1. The Toyota Yaris GR Inlet Duct allows you to add an aesthetically pleasing carbon fibre part to your Yaris GR's engine bay and help keep your inlet temperatures down during spirited driving and whilst on the track or rally stage.

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After discussions with many GR Yaris owners about airbox modifications, Forge Motorsport are proud to release the Toyota Yaris GR Inlet Duct. The Forge inlet duct allows you to add an aesthetically pleasing carbon fibre part to your Yaris GR’s engine bay and help keep your inlet temperatures down during spirited driving and whilst on the track or rally stage. 

By utilising 3D scans and SolidWorks CAD, our development team have been able to optimise the size of the inlet duct, creating an increase in uninterrupted cold air to be scooped into the stock airbox. 3D printed test parts were used alongside CAD simulation to ensure the optimum size and geometry. This inlet duct performance car part is much larger than stock with a close fit to the front bumper and airbox to ensure that the heat from the engine causes minimal effect.

During testing on track days, the original duct caused inlet air temperatures to be heavily influenced by heat soak and fluctuated dramatically. Meanwhile the Forge inlet duct kept the inlet air temperatures not only reduced but at a more consistent temperature. A reduced consistent temperature is of great importance because any high temperature peaks will cause the ECU to retard the ignition and reduce the power you have available. The Forge inlet duct design incorporates a free-flowing path to both the upper and lower opening of the airbox, whereas the stock design has no flow management to the lower opening and the upper is small and not fully sealed. It is worth understanding that the lower opening is of far greater importance to the performance of your Yaris GR. There is a vacuum operated flap which is activated when under full throttle conditions, therefore the Forge Motorsport Inlet Duct ensures that your Yaris is getting colder directed air when the engine needs it the most.

Data was collated and logged live by a passenger on a track day running in conjunction with an aftermarket intercooler on a 5 lap open pit session back to back against the stock inlet scoop (another 5 lap session). Inlet air temps had been reduced from 42°C to between 35 and 36°C. We even saw temperatures of up to 45°C on the stock duct. Fluctuation between temperatures on the stock inlet duct were greatly improved when air was fed to the secondary inlet scoop via the composite Forge Motorsport inlet feed.

With the OEM design including open sections, baffles, and noise restrictors to disrupt the airflow, the inlet duct is part of our acclaimed Hi Flow range and will ensure that your Yaris is getting critical cold air. Not only is the Forge part a better option for performance, but the carbon fibre really helps to give the engine bay some character. The high-quality carbon fibre is prepreg 2×2 twill formed in an autoclave from billet tooling and finished with an anti UV gloss gel coat. The Forge Motorsport lifetime warranty on all hardware products shows the trust we have in the quality of our products while they are being enjoyed on your pride and joy.

Please browse our Toyota Yaris GR performance parts today for other products in addition to this GR Yaris induction kit which you can fit to improve your track/rally experience. A Forge induction kit will unleash the power of your vehicle and help your engine breath. A recirculating or dump valve will be solution to the many failures that have occurred on the OEM part.




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