Forge Motorsport VW, Audi, Cupra, Skoda EA888 Gen 4 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover


Part Number: FMEC3. EA888 Gen 4 Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

SKU: FMEC3 Tag: Product ID: 481905



  • UV, temperature, and water-resistant
  • Designed to locate in the OEM factory position
  • Finished in high quality clear coat to ensure UV-protection and extra durability

Take an already incredible vehicle, pop the bonnet and view the engine with no cover in place, yeah, its bit of an anti-climax. This is how many owners feel when showing off there EA888 Gen 4 engine as unfortunately the VAG group have recalled the engine covers due to a potential fire risk leaving the engine looking unfinished and disappointing, For those reasons, we took the OEM engine cover and improved it. Our cover fits on the original mounting locations, is water-resistant, and takes each heat cycle of the engine with ease. Not only that, it’s finished in high quality clear coat to ensure UV-protection and extra durability.

It fits perfectly with the Forge carbon intake and Forge turbo inlet pipe solution, which as a trio will completely transform your car engine bay!

It is almost guaranteed that you will get some fingerprint marks/smudges on the engine cover during the installation, that’s why we send our Forge engine cover in a microfibre bag. You can use the bag along with the Meguiar’s Care Pouch to give your new car engine cover a fresh shine! 

Manufactured by an autoclave process. This involves the use of up to 10BAR of pressure that is blown into a 100% billet mould to force the material out. This high amount of pressure ensures the carbon fibre is fully in contact with the surface of the mould, therefore, making sure the weave is tight, solid, and strong; this process will also ensure there are no imperfections in the product.

In the Box:
1 x Forge Carbon Engine Cover
1 x Forge Micro Fibre Bag
1 x Meguiar’s Care Pouch
1 x Forge Decal


The Forge range of carbon fibre products are manufactured to the highest standards utilising the absolute best materials available. However, in certain applications and in areas of extreme temperature, this can lead to discolouration or fading (yellowing) of the carbon fibre. Unfortunately, due to this harsh and extreme environment, your Forge carbon fibre is not warrantied for that eventuality. All other aspects of your carbon fibre products are covered by our warranty process.

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