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puncture repair

Did you know that all service providers of puncture repairs in the UK need to conform to BSAU159?

The BSAU159 is a set of procedures that all auto garages in the UK must follow to repair a tyre puncture. It further lays down the areas of a tyre which can be repaired after a puncture.

MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire is one of the auto garages which abide by the BSAU159 standards while repairing punctures. We hold expertise in making your car tyre as good as new in no time and enabling you to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Some common causes of tyre damages:

A few common causes of tyre damages include -

* Puncture caused by a sharp object penetrating the tyre.

* Tyre and rim link breakage.

* Tyre valve stern failure.

What areas of the car tyre can you repair?

According to the British standards, the central part of a car tyre, i.e. 3/4th of it can call for repairs. Known as the minor repair area, only damages in these parts can ask for a repair.

The remaining two opposite sides of this minor repair area are termed as major repair area and do not guarantee a safe and long-lasting mending.

Why doesn’t the major repair area guarantee a safe repair?

Also known as the sidewall, the major repair areas endure maximum pressure while driving a car. Any damage to these parts can cause additional problems for your car. In addition, puncture repairs for these areas are not considered a probable solution by the British Standards.

Note: Experts recommend not driving your car when running on a flat tyre. This could further damage the drywall even when a puncture is in the minor repair area.

What to check before going for puncture repair inRipley, Nottinghamshire?

Before going for a puncture repair, you need to ensure the damages do not originate from the following sources:

  1. Exposed cords.
  2. Run-flat damage – run-flat tyres come with reinforced sidewalls, which are more difficult to repair. Some manufacturers and insurers may not deem these tyres fit for a repair.
  3. Damaged bead or liner.
  4. Tyre contamination.
  5. Degradation of the tyre.
  6. Substandard former repairs.
  7. Abnormal tread depth –less than 1.6mm across the minor repair area.
  8. Tyres that have previously been repaired with a DIY kit cannot be repaired.

Injuries to a tyre caused by those mentioned above do not come under the British Standards, and thus may not be repaired.

So, if your tyre damage abides by any or all of the following, give MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire call. We are one of the leading auto garages for puncture repairs in the area and have thousands of satisfied customers.

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