Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Beeston

The term exhaust comes from the Latin word ‘exhaustus,’ which means to ‘draw out’ or ‘empty’ something.

An automotive exhaust does the same thing. It draws out the pollutants and empties the engine of the harmful exhaust gases.

Now imagine yourself in Beeston, arriving for your Sunday prayers at the much revered St. John, the Baptist Church. All of a sudden, just before parking your car by the Church, you notice that the engine cabinet has become smoky.

Such malfunctions in a car can happen to anyone. However, you can prevent them if you notice some of the following symptoms. 

Following are some signs of a faulty exhaust

Deafening sounds from the exhaust. This occurs as a result of a leakage from a crack in any of the pipes.

A faulty pipe or tube can lead to fuel leakage that can, at times, find its way to your car’s cabin, giving off a strong odour of gasoline.

Decreased fuel efficiency, power, and acceleration.

A broken exhaust pipe, dragging along the road and producing noise.

To avoid such hassles from happening, our engineers recommend our customers to opt for Milltek Exhaust in Beeston. 

With an experience of over 35 years, they produce some of the best exhausts available in today’s automobile market. 

Garages like that of ours have to maintain an extensive range of these products, owing to their fame.

However, there is another equally impressive name that manufactures outstanding exhausts, whose models are built keeping in mind the amount of heat an exhaust has to endure and to avoid corrosion. These qualities are why our engineers at MG Auto Motorsport suggest our customers to use Scorpion Exhaust in Beeston.

Scorpion Exhaust

The following endorsements by automotive giants are also a reason why we ask our customers to choose Scorpion Exhausts:


Toyota’s GT 86 uses Non-resonated Cat-back, Part number – SSUS010.


MK Fiesta ST GPF – Back System with electronic valve, Part number - SFDS089.

Mustang 2.31 Ecoboost Non-resonated Cat-back System, Part number – SFDS087.

Why come to MG Auto Motorsport?

The first and foremost reason is our team. You will hardly find another garage in Beeston which has a similar group of mechanics. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers has a primary goal: to provide you with the best automotive services possible.

When you come to us with an exhaust that has been showing signs of damage, our technicians immediately get to work. They check everything from the manifold to the tailpipe and thus give your car that much-needed boost.

Moreover, we provide other services like:



Engine diagnostic

Valve change

Oil change


Puncture repair

Air conditioning

Car repair



Wheel alignment

If your car frequently gives you trouble, book an appointment with us. We are available from Monday to Friday; 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and on Saturdays, we are open till 2 PM.