Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Bourne

With the rise in the number of privately-owned vehicles in Bourne, more and more car service garages have sprung up. Not all of these garages do justice to your cars, however. A lot of these cookie-cutter establishments often fleece customers. However, now that MG Auto Motorsport is here, drivers in this Lincolnshire town will benefit immensely.

Servicing your car’s exhaust at MG Auto Motorsport

We have a tremendous team which is divided based on each technician’s specialities. Our exhaust servicing team deserves a special mention, not only because they perform a technically challenging job but also for the fact that they thoroughly understand their area of specialisation.

Milltek’s range of exhausts

Milltek produces a variety of competitively-priced and hand-made exhausts. Some of their most popular offerings include:

• Large-bore Downpipe and De-cat SSXMI013 exhaust that Mitsubishi Lancers use. The Lancer remains popular across the UK, although its production has ceased. This exhaust requires Stage 2 ECU remapping. This is the bestselling Milltek Exhaust in Bourne.

• Toyota’s performance cars, including its GT86, use Milltek’s SSXSB033 exhausts. This model’s 2 x 4.5" tailpipe trim is one of a kind.

• Milltek’s latest model is meant for McLaren’s performance on-road cars. For example, the McLaren 720S 4.0 V8 uses its SSXMC101 exhaust that has large-bore downpipes and cat bypass pipes. 

A look at Scorpion’s exhausts

Scorpion’s exhausts also come with the latest technology. Scorpion exhaust in Bourne has become extremely popular over the last decade. Its various models are:

• Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque SUV uses Scorpion’s Non-resonated Cat-Back / Daytona / SLR001 exhaust.

• Skoda’s all-new Octavia sedans use Scorpion’s Non-resonated Cat-Back / OE Fitment / SSKS003. This is a part of Skoda’s Original Equipment (OE) kit.

The splendid Audi R8 V8 uses the extraordinary Rear Silencer / OE Fitment / SAU035 that Scorpion manufactures. It is also a part of Audi’s OE family. Most German cars generally follow Audi’s lead. So, you may find a lot of German-manufactured cars using Scorpion Exhausts as well.

How can we help you in other ways?

Besides exhaust servicing, our experts also lay stress on these following areas:

• TerraClean

• Wheel Alignment

• Clutch/ Brakes/ Batteries replacement

• Servicing

• Car Repair

• Engine Diagnostic

• Oil Change

• Puncture Repair

• Valve Change

• Air Conditioning

All our packages are competitively priced, and we also ensure timely delivery of your vehicles. Visit our workshop to get thoroughly professional service for your car.