Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Cheadle

The exhaust is one of the most vital parts of your car. It takes the poisonous fumes that a car engine generates and turns those into much less toxic CO2 and water vapour. However, like all other machines, it too malfunctions at times. 

The only way you can make sure that your car’s exhaust is in its optimal condition is by sending it through periodic inspections and maintenance. That’s why you should bring your vehicle to us. At MG Auto Motorsport, we have a handpicked team of experienced technicians who will repair it in no time.

Also, if you are looking to fit your car with Milltek or Scorpion exhaust in Cheadle, we can help. You will find the most extensive collection of aftermarket exhausts in our garage, and we will install them in your car in a jiffy.

Removing the stock restriction

Aftermarket exhaust systems bring the perfect blend of performance and appearance to your car. Scorpion and Milltek exhaust in Cheadle are famous for boosting a car’s performance by almost 10%. Their high-flow catalytic converters (which we sell as standalone units as well) increase flow by nearly 30 per cent.

We have a faithful customer base comprising of car enthusiasts, racers and tuners. Some of the most popular products which they love to use are – Scorpion Red Power – This famous aftermarket exhaust brand shows the perfection of British engineering. Handcrafted to each car’s specification, they can increase the performance of your vehicle from 5 to 10 per cent.

Ford Mk8 Fiesta ST – GPF-back electronic valved and non-valved system (SFDS089), comes in a pipe diameter of 70mm/2.75”.

Mini Cooper R56 – Resonated and non-resonated cat-back or rear silencer type system. It fits only the OEM system, and comes in a pipe diameter of 63.5mm/2.50”.

Peugeot 208 GTI 1.6T – Resonated and non-resonated system with cat-back or turbo-downpipe assembly. It fits both the OEM and Scorpion exhaust and comes in a pipe diameter of 63.5mm or 2.50”.

Milltek Sport – A 33-year veteran, Milltek is famous as one of the most preferred aftermarket exhaust systems in the entire UK.

Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharged – Axel back unit with polished GT-90 trims. It has a pipe diameter of 63.50mm or 2.50”.

Nissan GT-R R35 – A primary cat-back 90mm race system, it comes with quad 127mm GT 127 tailpipe, and has a pipe diameter of 90.00mm or 3.54”.

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We are here to cater to all your vehicle-related issues. Other than repairing and replacing exhausts, we also have other services like – 

Wheel alignment.

Valve change.

Puncture repair.


Oil change.

Engine diagnostics.

Air condition servicing.

Clutch, brakes, and battery replacement.

Complete car servicing.

All our car repair services are available at prices you won't find anywhere else. So don’t wait, bring your car to our garage today.