Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Colsterworth

Colsterworth has slowly but surely become a major city in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire. Most people, who even some years ago used to own a family sedan or a reliable station wagon, nowadays own a performance car. A critical shortcoming of a performance car is that it requires professional service, which most car service garages do not provide.

Enter MG Auto Motorsport, Colsterworth. We have a team of reliable experts who have decades of experience handling various aspects of a car. Of significant note is the exhaust system, which is one of the essential parts, and yet an object of neglect for many users. Most car owners still believe that the exhaust system is restricted merely to the tube-like tailpipe that sticks out from the rear end. 

Well, that is patently untrue. An exhaust system is very complicated and has lots of small parts that require bespoke attention. The catalytic converter, muffler, pipes and oxygen sensor are some of the components of an exhaust. Each of them must work in tandem to maintain a proper exhaust system.

With more people going in for custom-made after-market exhausts, two companies stand out with their products.

Milltek’s Exhaust range

Milltek has a wide range of exhausts available. Three of the most commonly used ones are:

For Skoda’s popular Octavia series, Milltek offers model number SSXVW394, a popular large-bore downpipe and De-Cat. Note that an ECU stage 2 remapping is essential here. This is probably the most popular Milltek Exhaust in Colsterworth. 

Volkswagen’s Caddy (Maxi Models) uses Milltek’s all-new SSXVW492. This exhaust comes with an active sound control system, which is a relatively new feature.

One of the UK’s all-time favourites, the VW Golf, now has a new exhaust model. The Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 R 2.0 comes with system number SSXAU619, a model that will replace either the MSAU618 or the 618REP models. This new model has lower sound emission levels too.

Scorpion’s range

Scorpion boasts some of the finest products in the market. Their range includes:

Both the Mercedes A-Class A180 and A200 Sport use Non-resonated Cat-Back / EVO / SMBS001. This exhaust system is available in a ceramic variant. This is only OEM-specific in nature.

Audi’s latest R8 V10 5.2l Coupe and Spyder use Scorpion’s SSXAU743 Cat-Black exhaust. This works with Audi’s proprietary Drive Select system too.

Another of Audi’s entry-level cars, the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S, comes with the SSXAU459 model.

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