Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Coventry

On the seventh of December, Coventry, a metropolitan borough in the western side of England, officially earned the title ‘UK City of Culture’ 2021.

However, the one fact that caught our eyes was the fact that Coventry has a special place in UK’s automobile industry. In fact, it is one of the leading sectors of this borough. And hence, having our garage – MG Auto Motorsport in such a place was a real honour for us.

Being an industrial hub means that the place already has ample amount of pollutants in the air. And, harmful emissions from your car’s exhaust system will only worsen the condition.

So, what is needed to avoid, or at least limit, such emissions from your car is the salient question here. Needless to say, there is one obvious way of keeping these gases at bay, and this is by making sure your vehicular exhaust is in peak form.

Advantages of having a properly functioning exhaust

The most apparent advantage will have to be its ability to refine the poisonous gases, formed as a result of internal combustion.

Keeps a check on the decibel level of the noise created by your car’s engine and transmission.

Maintains the overall ambience and environment of an area, and keeps it fresh and vibrant.

To take these advantages to the next level, our experts recommend using Scorpion or Milltek exhaust in Coventry. Milltek especially has an experience of 35 years, during which they have given some excellent exhaust systems. Their products have both longevity and a standard of performance that other brands can hardly match.

Following are some of Milltek’s products:


McLaren 720S 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo, Large-bore Downpipes along with Cat Bypass Pipes. System number – SSXMC 101.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo Active Valve Control SSXAR11


Renault Clio 200 EDC & Trophy 220, Cat-back Non-resonated (louder) SSXRN413.

You can also choose to use Scorpion exhaust in Coventry, a brand that is known for its reliability and, of course, its outstanding performance.

Why go for Scorpion Exhaust?

Just one ride in a car like Audi or BMW using Scorpion exhausts, and you can understand the difference.

The sheer amount of investment that Scorpion makes in R&D allows them to stay one step ahead in the game. A unique combination of experience and expertise is what elevates the brand to the next level.

They too have marquees of their own in the form of brands like Mercedes, Honda, Land Rover, and plenty more.

MG Auto Motorsport, a reputed auto garage in Coventry, maintains an extensive collection of both these exhausts, along with other brands. Our team of mechanics and engineers make sure that you don’t go home unsatisfied with the quality of our exhaust service.

Automotive services at MG Auto Motorsport

Having said all these, we must mention that it is not only exhaust that we provide services for. Our garage also offers similar standards of services for other components like:

Car repair

Air conditioning




Valve change

Oil change

Engine diagnostic


Puncture repair


Wheel alignment

Thus, you can visit us for any issues concerning your vehicle. Our mechanics make sure that every part is working in complete sync with each other so that you can enjoy your ride.