Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Crewe

Tired of that annoying noise coming out of your car’s exhaust? Do you know that one of the most common symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust is excessive sounds? 

Exhaust is an integral part of a vehicle. It turns noxious fumes of hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxides into Carbon Dioxide and water vapour. It also dampens the noise that your car engine makes. 

Unfortunately, like every other machine, these too can malfunction at times. When they do, you should get them repaired as soon as possible because in the UK there are some strict rules that you must follow regarding pollution and noise emission.

What can we do?

Anything from a general car repair to a complete overhaul of the exhaust system, we are capable of doing it. We stock almost every type of Scorpion and Milltek exhaust in Crewe, so if you are looking for an aftermarket part, you will get that here too. 

Aftermarket exhausts in MG Auto Motorsport

Aftermarket exhausts are the quickest way to improve your car’s performance. At MG Auto Motorsport, you will find a range of products from famous brands like Milltek Sport and Scorpion Red Power. Let’s take a look at some of our customers’ favourite products.

From Milltek – 

Milltek is an industry veteran with 33 years of experience. Their products reflect their aim of delivering high-quality, affordable products to their customers.

Some of their most popular products are – 

1. SSXHO213, cat-back system with Carakote Black Tips. Fits Honda Civic Type R.

2. SSXFD176, non-resonated dual outlet system with GT-100 Cerakote Black trims. Fits Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost.

3. SSXMI23, a non-resonated turbo-back system without hi-flow sports cat. Required stage 2 ECU remap. Fits Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X2.0 Turbo.

From Scorpion – 

If you are looking for something for an immediate performance boost, Scorpion exhaust in Crewe should be your pick. Their handcrafted products are in high demand all over the country. 

1. SSU004, non-resonated cat-back system, fits OEM and Scorpion units of Subaru Impreza WRX/STI.

2. SVWS036, non-resonated and resonated system, comes in cat-back, and turbo-downpipe variants. Fits OEM and Scorpion exhaust of Volkswagen Golf MK6 GTi.

3. SNS015R, non-resonated cat-back and Y-piece. Fits OEM and Scorpion systems of Nissan 350Z.

What else?

Being one of the largest service garages in Crewe, we do not only deal with exhausts. We have a rather extensive list of other car repairs that we perform. 

If you are looking for something engine related, we have engine diagnostics, oil change, TerraClean, etc. You can also come to us for a puncture repair, valve change, and wheel alignment. Other than that, our services include air condition servicing, battery, clutch, and brake replacement. 

So, bring your car to our garage whenever there is an issue with it. We have everything you need, all under one roof.