Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Grantham

In 2017, 124.4 metric tons of CO2 was emitted by vehicles in the UK. The amount has remained somewhat constant for the last three decades, even when the number of cars has increased by leaps and bounds. 

Car manufacturers, to their credit, have perfected the exhaust system to a great extent. A Scorpion Exhaust, for instance, is highly competent and reduces the amount of emission significantly. However, to do their job, it is paramount that they are in perfect working condition.

If they are not, it will spell trouble for you on the road. Not only will you pollute the environment, but you’ll also break the law. To avoid such a hassle, you should visit MG Auto Motorsport and replace your faulty exhaust with a new one. Milltek Exhaust in Grantham is a popular choice among replacement exhaust seekers at our facility. 

Scorpion Exhausts

A Scorpion Exhaust is the mark of quality and standard. Their products are rated highly by thousands of car owners who have them fitted to their cars. The reason is simple - they deliver what they promise. 

Some of their products for popular car models are:

Mercedes A-Class A45 AMG

Resonated cat-back system with valve/ OE fitment/ SMB003

Volkswagen Polo Gti 1.8T 6C

Non-resonated cat-back/Daytona (Twin)/ SVWS051

Rest assured, if you are using a Scorpion Exhaust in Grantham, you won’t have to worry about your emission or noise level. 

Milltek Exhausts

Another brand of exhausts that does the round is Milltek. These exhausts are made from premium quality materials and last longer than most other aftermarket products. The trust they have built over the last three decades is based on the performance of their exhaust; which is phenomenal, to say the least. 

A few of their products are:

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT (Fastback)

Cat-back dual outlet non-resonated with black GT-100 tips

Cat-back ValveSonic with quad titanium GT-90 tips - requires Roush Rear Valance

Jaguar F-Type S 3.0 V6 Coupe

Cat-back with valve and cerakote black GT-115 trims

Cat-back with valve and titanium GT-115 trims

Services at our facility

Apart from selling these aftermarket exhaust systems, MG Auto Motorsport is also known for car repairs and servicing. If there is an issue with air conditioning, wheel alignment, clutch, brakes, TerraClean, engine diagnostic, batteries, oil change or valve change, you will find suitable repairing options at our workshop. Also, overall car repairs like puncture repair and servicing are available as well. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Bring in your car today if there’s a problem.