Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Lincoln

Exhaust is a piece of equipment which is not given too much limelight, yet this component is the unsung hero of any car. Funnelling smoke out of the engine is not an attractive job, but it is a crucial one. 

The exhaust is an intricate system of pipes that work continuously for the duration that your car is on. Hence, keeping your exhaust active and functional is exceptionally vital.

Thus, it will be better if you take your car to the nearest service centre if a problem with your exhaust crops up. So, who better than us, MG Auto Motorsport here in Lincoln? We tend to any inconvenience caused by a faulty exhaust and also offer aftermarket exhaust systems such as the Milltek Exhaust and Scorpion Exhaust in Lincoln. 

Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the reliable exhaust systems around!

Scorpion Exhaust System Models 

One of the most reputed exhaust brands, Scorpion, has the following products for these specific car models:


A4 B8 2.0 TFSI 2WD Manual Only – Resonated cat-back system/ Daytona Quad/   SAU037.

A5 B8 2.0 TFSI 12 – Non-resonated cat back system/ Daytona Quad/ SAUS073.


M235i-cat-back system with electronic valves/ non-resonated/Daytona/SBMV067D

E30 325 85 - 88 Incl. Cabrio & Touring/ Rear Silencer/ Lemans/ SBMB002.


Civic Type R EP3 2001-2005 – Resonated cat – back system/ Tuner/ SHD005.

Civic Type S FN2 2007 -2012 – Resonated cat – back/ OE Fitment/ SHD012.

Milltek Exhaust System Models

Some popular models of Milltek exhaust in Lincoln are:


2 Series F22 M235i Coupe – Valve Sonic+/ SSXVS001.

1 Series 135i Coupe E82 and Cabriolet E88 (N55) – Primary catalyst replacement pipes – secondary cat-back/ SSXBM952/ SSXBM946. 


Clio 182 2.0 16V – Cat-back non-resonated/ SSXRN414/ SSXRN201.

Clio 197 2.0 16V Hi-flow sports cat/ SSXRN301 & cat replacement type/ SSXRN302.


Fiesta Mk6 ZETEC-S 1.6 16V –Cat-Back/ SSXFD013.

Focus Mk2 ST 225 – Lower engine mount insert/ SSXFD089

The best thing about both these companies is that they are both British in origin, and have now gone on to conquer the aftermarket automobile industry worldwide.

Now, let’s check out the other services provided by MG Auto Motorsport.

Products & Services at our facility

Apart from servicing and stocking exhausts, we also offer various services such as TerraClean, oil change, valve change, servicing, car repair, brakes, clutch, wheel alignment, batteries, engine diagnostic, oil change, puncture repair and air conditioning. 

We not only stock quality products, but our service is also the talk of the town. So, what is holding you back? Drive into our garage today!