Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Loughborough

The glaring problem in Loughborough, as in the rest of the UK, is the rising level of air pollution. Car emission has emerged as one of the leading causes for the same. As proud citizens of this great nation, it is every individual’s responsibility to ensure that they do not contribute to the problem.

An aftermarket exhaust from Milltek or Scorpion exhaust in Loughborough can go a long way towards achieving that. These exhaust systems are a significant upgrade to the stock exhaust that comes fitted to your car. 

Curbing pollution is not the only objective of these exhausts. They offer a substantial improvement to the overall performance of your car as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best aftermarket exhausts that you can purchase at MG Auto Motorsport, Loughborough. 

Milltek and Scorpion Exhaust systems

The two names that have been dominating the spare exhaust market are Milltek Sports and Scorpion Red Power. Both these companies are British in origin and have years of experience behind them. In all these years, they have caught the pulse of the market with products that are irresistible in their design and functionality. 

An exhaust system is a sophisticated piece of engineering with multiple parts. As such, Milltek and Scorpion provide you with a plethora of exhaust upgrade options, both in parts and as a whole. Some of their exhaust options include:


For those who are hungry for more power out of their cars, a cat-back can be the answer. Scorpion’s cat-back range of exhausts is tailor-made for enhanced gas flow, thereby increasing the power output of the engine. 


Turbocharged engines are the order of the day. The thing to keep in mind is that these engines are more powerful than standard engines and therefore, require better exhaust systems. A turbo-downpipe might just be what the doctor ordered. 

Sports Catalyst

The catalyst often determines the rate of gas flow within the exhaust. Replacing the stock catalyst with Milltek or Scorpion’s sports cat can prove to be a massive boost to the performance of your exhaust system.

No matter what car you drive, getting an upgrade to your exhaust system will most certainly be a boon for it. It’s advisable that you go for either a Scorpion or Milltek exhaust in Loughborough. 

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