Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Manchester

Manchester, better known for the two premier league rivals Manchester United and Manchester City, was at one time the textile manufacturing capital of the world. It was also the centre for the famous Industrial Revolution. Naturally, all of this caused a massive influx of people in the city. 

Currently, it has a population of about 2.8 million people. Despite having tests like MOT, which tests your car’s emissions and noise level, it is not possible to keep a grip on the rate of vehicle pollution, especially when the population runs into millions.

For that precise reason, our experts at MG Auto Motorsport always recommend our customers to buy two specific brands of exhausts. These two brands are Milltek and Scorpion. Both are products of British ingenuity, passion, and eye for detail.

Why should you choose Milltek exhausts?

The first and foremost reason will have to be the immense experience they have in manufacturing exhausts. Over the last three decades, they have been providing us with quality products that offer both longevity and performance.

Every product they make is of superior quality. The quality of the material they use is also a matter of envy for every other manufacturer in this sector. Composed of non-magnetic stainless steel, it is not only immune to discolouration but also gives you the longevity everyone longs for. As a matter of fact, nearly all of the other components of an exhaust they produce, they use the same quality of steel. It is one of the primary reasons for us suggesting our customers go for Milltek exhaust in Manchester.

And with such class and fame comes endorsements and Milltek has their share of marquees like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Renault, and many other big names.

And what about Scorpion exhaust in Manchester?

The company lives by their motto of staying passionate about what they do. And this has allowed them to manufacture some of the most iconic exhaust models. Needless to say, they too have their share of car manufacturing icons that endorses them:





Mercedes and many more.

How does MG Auto Motorsport come in the scene?

Our technicians are experts not only at fixing issues concerning exhausts, but you can also avail our following services:


Valve and oil change

Engine diagnostic

Wheel alignment

Puncture repair


Brakes repair

Air conditioning

Batteries sales and service

Clutch replacement

Car repair

Hence, don’t panic if you face any issues regarding your car. Just come over to our garage and let our engineers take care of the rest.