Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Matlock

Over the years MG Auto Motorsport has built itself a reputation of offering some of the finest services across the UK. If you happen to be a citizen of Matlock you have probably heard our name.

It’s a peaceful town with unparalleled scenic beauty. Driving down the A6 with a damaged exhaust system would be an insult to their hospitality. To that end, a Scorpion or Milltek exhaust system can be immensely helpful.

About Scorpion exhausts

Mainly developed for motorsports enthusiasts in Derbyshire, they have been consistent in delivering high-end exhaust systems. Moreover, their durability and stable performance make this product a perfect match for you and your vehicle.

Following are some of their products that you can fit in your vehicle:

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque DPF back system cat-back non-resonated, used as OEM by Land Rover.

Mercedes A-Class A250 AMG 4Matic non-resonated cat-back system.

Another option that our experts urge our customers to use is Milltek exhaust in Matlock.

But why Milltek? 

Big names like Volkswagen and Audi endorse their products. Apart from the fact that they have experience of over 30 years in manufacturing probably the best exhausts available.

Here are a few examples of their products:

Audi A5 Cabriolet 2.0 TFSI 2WD and Quattro cat-back. System number -  SSXAU660

Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 TSI (A5 Chassis). System number – SSXAU312.

What are the symptoms of a damaged exhaust?

Following are two of the definite signs that your Exhaust system might be malfunctioning:

1. The first and foremost sign of a malfunctioning exhaust is excessive noise coming from your car.

2. Reduced fuel-efficiency is another sign that your car’s exhaust is malfunctioning. 

It is for this reason that our experts at MG Auto Motorsport recommend you use Scorpion exhaust in Matlock to avoid such hassles.

How can MG Auto Motorsport be of help?

So much talk about car exhausts might give you the impression that we are only proficient in dealing with the exhaust system. However, we also provide a bunch of other services like:



Wheel alignment




Car repair

Engine diagnostic

Valve change

Air conditioning

Puncture repair 

Oil change

So, if you face any problem concerning your car, don’t hesitate to call us. You can also book an appointment between Monday and Saturday. 

Our timings are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday till 2:00 p.m.