Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Nantwich

Imagine rushing through the market town of Nantwich in your prized car with smoke coming out from the engine. Not only it ruins the ambience, but it also contributes to pollution and global warming in the larger scheme of things.

However, if you have a quality exhaust system like that of Milltek’s or Scorpion’s, it is possible to reduce this emission. These two brands manufacture the best exhaust system you will ever find. 

It is for these reasons that people purchase either Milltek Exhaust in Nantwich or Scorpion Exhausts.

Milltek Exhaust

Reliability, longevity and performance – these are the three things that Milltek aims to achieve, and you can say that to some extent they have reached near perfection. Otherwise, they couldn’t have produced exhausts for brands like Audi, BMW, and a host of other famous car manufacturers.

Let us see some examples of such brands using Milltek exhausts:

BMW 3 Series E46 M3 3.2 Coupe-Cabriolet

Toyota GT 86 2.0-litre secondary cat-back (non-resonated)

Scorpion Exhaust

The first and foremost reason has to be the endorsements from car manufacturers like Renault, Mercedes and others. Here are a few samples:

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG 2.07 resonated cat-back system with an electronic valve as O.E.

Renault MK3 Clio 200 non-resonated cat-back system used as O.E fitment.

The other reason is their R&D, which enables them to produce some of the best quality exhaust systems in the industry.

As far as refurbishing and replacement go, you can rely on our team of dedicated experts. We, at MG Auto Motorsport, are very particular towards our approach of repairing or replacing any component of a car.

Hence, if you are using a Milltek or Scorpion Exhaust in Nantwich, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our mechanics will solve any problem concerning your car’s exhaust that’s been bothering you.

How can MG Auto Motorsport be of service?

As already mentioned, we take pride in the services we provide. Our loyal customer base is a testament to the fact that we indeed are capable of giving you precisely the service you need. And we are not talking about only exhausts. We also provide:





Wheel alignment

Car repair

Puncture repair

Engine diagnostic

Oil change

Valve change

Air conditioning


So, don’t wait, book an appointment with us. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m, and Saturday till 2 p.m.