Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Newark

Whether you are using Milltek exhaust in Newark or the ones from Scorpion, be sure to keep a check on the emission rates.

Milltek Exhausts

These exhausts are characterised by their longevity, sturdiness and durability. They cater to the needs of virtually every major car manufacturer in the world. So, you don’t have to worry about them. Moreover, they are available in both resonated and non-resonated versions.

The British, and specifically the population of Newark, are very serious about pollution levels in their society. So, we recommend a very impressive brand of exhausts called Scorpion exhaust in Newark.

Scorpion Exhaust

Manufactured with passion and a drive for excellence, has enabled them to create state of the art exhaust systems. Although they mainly focus on performance products, both of their resonated and non-resonated versions will give your car that X-factor that everyone desires.

Some brands who prefers using Scorpion exhausts are Honda, Skoda, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes and plenty more.

Now, after so much discussion about exhausts, you might be thinking that MG Auto Motorsport only deals in exhausts. Whereas, in reality, we also provide a variety of services.

A list of all of our services

Car repair: It covers a thorough check-up of all the components of your vehicle.

Terraclean: Using this patented technology, our experts clean your car’s fuel system by removing carbon. 

Clutch: Starting from repairing to replacing, we ensure that your clutch gets the best treatment.

Wheel alignment: We make sure no aspect of your car’s suspension system is out of sync. We especially ensure that your wheel alignment is in proper shape.

Servicing: Our team of experienced mechanics checks whether or not all safety and reliability issues are taken care of.

Batteries: Visit our service station to check out an extensive range of automobile batteries. We also offer services like repairing and replacing if needed.

Puncture repair: Here, our engineers make sure that your car’s tyres have the right pressure for optimal performance.

Air conditioning: We provide some of the best services concerning leakages and condenser repairing in the whole of Newark.

Engine diagnostic: Proper diagnosis of your engine is carried out to find out if there are any faults, like leakage of fuel.

Valve change: Although a tricky process, our technicians are well equipped to ensure that you have the perfect valve fitting.

Oil change: Whenever you bring your car over to MG Auto Motorsport, we deliver on our promise of providing you with the best lubricants and other fluids for your vehicle.

Brakes: Here, our mechanics perform functions like changing the brake pads and pedals.

How can we help?

Despite providing quality services for your car’s exhaust system, we also provide you with the guarantee that you will not be facing the same issues in the near future.

However, if you do face any other kind of issues, feel free to contact us on any day between Monday and Friday. Our timings are from 8:30a.m to 5:30p.m. You can also visit us on weekends when we work slightly lesser hours.