Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Nuneaton

In the UK, it is mandatory for a vehicle to pass a test known as MOT. This process was initiated in 2012, and its primary function is to ensure all cars on the streets of the UK are street-legal.

Here, every part of your car is inspected, and a single botch in any of the components can lead to failing the test. Surprisingly, nearly 7% of these failures during the tests happen as a result of a malfunctioning exhaust system. Hence, it is essential to make sure your car’s emission levels match the regulations of these tests.

Reasons for failing an emission test

Tests conducted at the latter part of the 20th century revealed that car emissions are one of the key contributors to air pollution.

These pollutants not only affect your health but also severely impact the environment around us. Since then, to avoid this unnecessary hassle, car manufacturers and reputed garages like MG Auto Motorsport supports the idea of such examinations.

We not only examine your vehicular exhaust system, but we also request our customers to use quality products like Scorpion exhaust in Nuneaton or exhausts from Milltek.

Types of Scorpion Exhausts used by different brands:

Nissan 370Z Half System (Y – Piece Back), Part number - SNS012.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque DPF – Back System, Part number – SLR001.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG 2.0T Resonated Cat-back System with Electronic Valve.

These are only three examples, whereas they have many more in their repertoire. And, the way by which they have been able to lure such big brands is the sturdiness, longevity and state of the art performance that each of their cars’ exhausts offers.

This is one of the primary reasons why our technicians suggest using Milltek exhaust in Nuneaton. High-quality exhausts like these can quickly get rid of these toxic hydrocarbons, thanks to their state of the art catalytic converter.

Milltek Exhaust

Needless to say, they are a worthy alternative for Scorpion. They are available in both resonated and non-resonated types and each of them, just like Scorpion, offers you longevity that is hard to find these days.

They came to fame by manufacturing a vast range of exhausts specifically for Volkswagen and also for certain Audi cars like the Audi R8. In short, you can say that they have been able to set a benchmark for other exhaust manufacturers to follow.

However, you have to remember that though both of these brands offer second to none longevity, even they can show signs of breakdown over a certain period.

How can MG Auto Motorsport help with these problems?

The best way to avoid these problems is to come over for a regular check-up at our garage, where not only your car’s exhaust and emission are checked, but also offers you a host of other services like:

Valve change

Oil change

Puncture repair

Car repair



Engine diagnostic

Wheel alignment



Air conditioning 


Our team of in-house technicians will try their best to solve your distress regarding exhausts. Not only these, but they will also make sure all the components mentioned above are working in sync.

So, don’t hesitate to call us whenever you find anything wrong with your vehicle. We will be more than happy to be at your service.