Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Pontefract

Vehicles are the principal source of air pollution, and an upgrade to your existing exhaust system can go a long way in helping reduce emissions. 

Two particular brands of exhausts- Milltek and Scorpion exhaust in Pontefract- immediately come to mind. These two home-grown brands have taken the cake as far as aftermarket exhausts go, and not without reason. 

Exhausts are incredibly complex pieces of machinery. There is a multitude of pipes and other components attached to each other that run through the entire length of the vehicle’s body. However, Milltek and Scorpion have mastered the art of producing excellent quality exhausts for practically every model of cars out there.

Why are Milltek and Scorpion so popular?

The number of aftermarket car parts manufacturer is rather large. Not all of them enjoy as much success as Milltek and Scorpion, of course. The reason for their ever-increasing popularity is that they make high-quality exhausts for every car model imaginable. 

These are, however, mere words and they mean nothing unless backed by proof. So, here’s a short list of exhaust models that have been selling like hotcakes at MG Auto Motorsport, Pontefract:

Mercedes CLA 45

The Mercedes CLA 45 becomes a different beast altogether when you upgrade its exhaust system. To that end, a Scorpion resonated cat-back / valved / OE Fitment / SMB005 will do wonders.

You can also opt for a Milltek cat-back race non-valved/ SSXMZ112 model. Both these exhausts will increase the performance of your CLA 45 by as much as 10%. The throaty rumble that your car will produce is a bonus. 

Audi A4 B8 2.0 (manual transmission only)

Another premium car that comes alive with Milltek exhaust in Pontefract is the Audi A4. Milltek’s cat-back non-resonated cerakote black quad-outlet/ SSXAU666 fits the A4 like a glove and brings out its true potential. As does Scorpion’s resonated cat-back / Daytona (quad) / SAU037. 

What else?

Exhausts are not our only area of specialisation. We are equally adept at various other car repairs and servicing, a comprehensive list of which is provided below:


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Engine diagnostic

Oil change

Puncture repair

Valve change

Air Conditioning service

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