Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Retford

Retford is one of those places in the UK which has seen an economic miracle in the last two decades. The number of cars on Retford’s roads has also grown by leaps and bounds. Consequently, the amount of air pollution has seen a steady rise too. 

Still, at MG Auto Motorsport in Retford, we often notice that many car owners do not take proper care of their car’s exhausts. This reflects a certain degree of apathy. However, this is not done on purpose; most people do not know how to detect whether their vehicle’s exhaust system is malfunctioning or not.

Milltek Exhaust systems in Retford

Milltek Exhaust in Retford is one of the most popular ones amongst the car owners. With more and more opting for customizable exhausts, here are Milltek’s most popular options.

For owners of Citroen’s DS3 1.6l models that came out after 2010, Milltek’s SSXPE105 exhaust is one of the best.

Fans of sports cars rejoice! Ford’s iconic Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost is now customisable with Milltek’s SSXFD172 aftermarket exhaust system. This replacement requires a Stage 2 ECU remapping.

The Skoda Fabia vRS 1.4 TSI, which is a hatchback, can use the SSXAU297 model.

Scorpion Exhaust systems

If you are looking for the best products of Scorpion Exhaust in Retford, make sure to check up the following options.

For those who own performance hatchbacks, like the F20 BMW M135i, Scorpion’s SAU037 exhaust is the perfect companion.

A resonated cat-back exhaust of the SAU range fits the Audi A4 B8 2.0 TFSi like a glove.

Nissan’s 370Z comes with SNS01Z exhaust which is a half-system with a Y-piece back. Nissan works well with non-resonated cat-back / Daytona / SNS012 exhausts.

Scorpion’s models have significantly longer lives and are made from the most durable stainless steel.

How can we help?

MG Auto Motorsport is an established name when it comes to car servicing. If you notice something awry with your car, like too much smoke coming out of its exhaust, visit our facility right away. We have some of the best technicians in this country, and we have equipped them with state of the art equipment. We also have the following services:


Wheel Alignment

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All our services are pocket-friendly, and we ensure timely delivery of your vehicle.