Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Ripley

Your car exhaust has an important job; it filters harmful gases created by the engine and evacuates it out of your vehicle. Unfortunately, this process puts immense stress on it which can shorten its service life.

Repairing an exhaust is a delicate process; you should allow only experienced mechanics to inspect and fix it. And if you are wondering where you might find skilled technicians like that, look no further.

We are MG Auto Motorsport, one of the premier car service garages in Ripley. We have a team of mechanics ready to assist you in every type of car-related issue. You will also find a wide range of Scorpion and Milltek exhaust in Ripley, all at an affordable price.

The aftermarket factor

Aftermarket exhaust systems are famous for their performance, deep throaty sound, and efficiency. Vehicle owners often get 5 to 10% boost in engine output coupled with 30 per cent more flow. That’s why Milltek and Scorpion’s products are so popular amongst tuners and racers.

Let’s take a look at some of our best selling products – 

For your Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 – Mustang is iconic for its power delivery. Both Milltek and Scorpion make aftermarket exhaust system for this car.

The most popular Milltek exhaust for Mustang is the SSXFD154, a cat-back, dual outlet non-resonated unit. It comes with polished 100mm GT-100 tip and has a pipe diameter of 70.00mm (2.76”).

On the other hand, Scorpion makes SFDS086 for the Mustang. It is a cat-back system, and both the resonated and non-resonated version is equally popular among our customers. You will find both the Daytona and Daytona ceramic tailpipe variant. It fits the stock exhaust and has a pipe diameter of 70mm (2.75”).

For your Honda Civic Type R FK2 – Another favourite among the tuner community is the Honda Civic. This Japanese legend has been incarnated different times in different versions, and you will find different Milltek and Scorpion exhaust in Ripley for it.

From Scorpion’s stable comes the SHD013, a resonated cat-back (and a turbo-downpipe) system. It fits both the OEM and Scorpion exhaust system, and has a pipe diameter of 63.5mm or 2.5”. 

Milltek, on the other hand, manufactures high-flow sports cat, large bore downpipe and de-cat along with making multiple types of exhausts. Among them, the SSXHO213 is the most sought-after unit. It is a cat-back quad 100mm tailpipe unit. The pipe diameter is 76.20mm (3.00”).

What else?

Other than car exhausts there are many more services that you can avail from us. Whether you are looking for an engine diagnostic, oil change, TerraClean, or wheel alignment, puncture repair, valve change, we are here for you. We also have service packages for air condition unit, and replace clutch, brakes and battery.

Visit us and discover your next one-stop destination for all your car related issues.