Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Uppingham

Today, there are more than 37 million licensed vehicles in the UK. Their combined exhaust emission is a concern for environmental pollution. One aide to the overwhelming amount of harmful gasses stopping from devastating the environment is the exhaust system of your vehicle.

Maintaining a properly functioning exhaust system is extremely important. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you also reduce the amount of noise pollution. To help you with that, we, MG Auto Motorsport, have brought our newest service centre to Uppingham. We have a team of experts who will repair any fault in your car’s exhaust, and there is a vast collection of aftermarkets products for you to choose from. 

Stock vs aftermarket 

An aftermarket exhaust can bring significant performance improvement to your vehicle. When you install parts like Scorpion or Milltek exhaust in Uppingham, you will see at least 5 to 10% performance boost, along with almost 30% more flow with the high-flow catalytic converter. That’s why aftermarket parts are gaining so much popularity among our customers. 

If you are confused about which product to choose, here is a brief list of some of our most popular models.

Milltek Sport – 

SSXMC101 – A large-bore downpipe and cat-bypass exhaust system, fits McLaren 720S V8 Twin Turbo. Pipe diameter – 76.20mm or 3.00”.

SSXPO118 – Non-resonated cat-back system for Porsche Boxster S Gen2. It is a twin 90mm tailpipe with a pipe diameter of 57.15mm/2.25”.

SSXVW342 – Cat-back dual GT100 style exhaust system. Comes in both resonated and non-resonated variants and fits the Volkswagen Beetle. Pipe diameter – 76.20mm or 3.00”.

Scorpion Red Power - 

SFD070 – Resonated cat-back, sports (de-cat) or turbo-downpipe exhaust system. It fits the Ford Mondeo 2.5 Turbo Hatchbacks OEM or Scorpion exhaust systems. Pipe diameter – 70mm/2.75”.

SVWS041 – A cat-back or turbo-downpipe exhaust system. Comes in both resonated and non-resonated variants. It has a pipe diameter of 76mm or 3” and fits the Volkswagen Scirocco R.

SVXS064 – A cat-back or turbo-downpipe, resonated or non-resonated exhaust. It fits Vauxhall Corsa E VXR and comes in Pipe diameter of 76mm/3”.

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Whether you are looking for an exhaust repair or a new system altogether, we are here to help you with your need. You can also avail a host of other car repair services from our garage. We offer engine diagnostics and oil change, TerraClean, wheel alignment, puncture repair, valve change, and air condition servicing, along with clutch, brakes, and battery replacement. 

All our services are available at affordable prices so you can stay worry-free about exceeding your budget. We are available on Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. On Saturdays, we are open from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.