Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Uttoxeter

Being a notable market town of Staffordshire, with Derbyshire residents frequently driving by, a change in driving behaviour is noticeable in Uttoxeter. More and more car owners are going in for after-market exhaust systems to replace their factory-fitted ones. We, at MG Auto Motorsport, Uttoxeter, stock a number of exhaust systems meant for various models.

Two of the most popular after-market exhaust manufacturers are Scorpion and Milltek. These manufacturers cater to sedans, entry-level models, SUVs and hatchbacks. Of these, exhausts for sedans are most popular in this town. Let’s have a look at some of the best available models.

Top models of Scorpion Exhausts

Scorpion is a company which has achieved a great deal of prominence in the last few decades. It manufactures after-market exhausts meant for superior performances. Aircraft-grade stainless steel makes their exhausts more durable and trustworthy. If you are looking for Scorpion exhaust in Uttoxeter, check out three of their top-selling models.

Honda’s Civic R model, the latest of which will arrive in late 2018, accepts Scorpion’s part-resonated front flex-back / Daytona / SHDS016D exhaust. A part-resonated exhaust is meant for mid-size sedans, mostly.

Mitsubishi’s Colt Z30 CZT, which remains popular in Staffordshire, will work well with the non-resonated cat-back / Daytona / SMTS013D exhaust. Mitsubishi’s Evo model too works with this same exhaust.

Renault’s Twingo model is a mid-size SUV and is fitted with Scorpion’s non-resonated cat-back / EVO / SRNS029 exhaust. This model is also popular with similar SUVs from other manufacturers.

Milltek Exhaust models

Milltek is a manufacturer of specialised exhausts which serve most available models in towns and cities of Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Three of their most popular models are:

Renault’s popular Clio models, especially the 200 EDC and the Trophy 220, use bespoke secondary bypass catalyst-type exhausts like Milltek’s SSXRN411.

Audi’s all-new R8 V10 5.2l Coupe & Spyder models will work best with Milltek’s SSXAU743 exhaust model. This exhaust has a tailpipe diameter of 3-inches or 76mm.

Skoda’s hatchback bestseller, the Fabia vRS 1.4 TSI, uses a large-bore downpipe and De-cat system, with model number SSXAU297.

Taking care of your car’s exhaust system

Buying and fitting your after-market exhausts from MG Auto Motorsport is only part of the solution. Taking care of these exhaust systems is necessary. Ensure that:

You maintain a proper schedule of maintenance and cleaning of your vehicular exhaust system.

Refuel your vehicle only with the recommended grade of fuel.

Make sure the exhaust’s tailpipe is clear of any debris.

These three most basic habits are only the beginning of taking care of your Scorpion or Milltek exhaust in Utoxetter. If you feel something is wrong with your car’s exhaust, bring it to the notice of our technicians at MG Auto Motorsport immediately. 

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