Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Wakefield

Barring a complete breakdown, there are very few occasions on which an average car-owner gives any thought to their car’s exhaust system. After all, it’s just a smoke evacuating mechanism. What’s there to think about, right?

For those who are unaware of it, an exhaust system does much more than just channelling smoke out of the combustion chamber. For starters, the sound of your vehicle depends on it. If you upgrade it, you also stand to gain almost 5-10% better power output from your vehicle. 

So, it seems that the exhaust system is capable of doing much more than what its apparent job role is. An upgrade to it may well prove to be the X-factor that you have been looking for from your car. 

In that context, Scorpion and Milltek exhaust in Wakefield became supremely important. These two brands manufacture some of the best exhaust systems that are out there. Add to that their extremely competitive pricing and you’ll find them irresistible. 

Before we go any further, let’s take a brief look into what they have to offer. For the entire range of their products, drop by at MG Auto Motorsport, Wakefield. 

Milltek’s range

Every spare part manufacturer aspires to create products for as many car models as possible. Milltek has done rather well in that regard. They have spare exhausts designed for almost every car out there. Some of the popular ones at out garage include:

Alfa Romeo Giulia compatible valved exhaust with GT-100 Cerakote Trims/ SSXAR002. 

Large-bore downpipes and cat bypass pipes/ SSXMC101 for McLaren 720S V8. It must be noted here that the pipe diameter is 76.20 mm or three inches.

Scorpion’s offerings

Scorpion is another famous brand of exhaust manufacturer that has products comparable to the quality of Milltek. The range of Scorpion exhaust in Wakefield is both diverse and affordable. Some of their popular products at our workshop are:

The Honda Civic compatible resonated cat-back / SHD005.

The non-resonated cat-back/ Daytona/ SFD066 for Ford Focus RS MK2.

Other services at MG Auto Motorsport

While aftermarket exhausts are one of our primary areas of focus, we are not far behind in any other car-related services. Our workshop is a one-stop destination for all car repairs and servicing. Engine diagnostics, oil change, TerraClean, wheel alignment, puncture repair, valve change and air conditioning service are some other things that our technicians are equally good at. We also do all services related to brakes, batteries and clutch.

For more information, visit our garage; you can also call us and book an appointment ahead of your visit.