Scorpion & Milltek Exhaust Systems in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is a metropolitan district situated in West Midlands, England. During the industrial revolution, it became a hub of coal mining, manufacturing of steel and most importantly, producers of automobiles. 

As a result of its long-standing history with vehicles, the number of cars in the vicinity has greatly increased. This also means an increase in vehicular pollution. Hence, to limit the amount of gases released by cars is what exhaust is for. 

Thus, we at MG Auto Motorsport offer you a wide variety of quality exhaust systems, such as the Scorpion Exhaust and Milltek exhaust in Wolverhampton. They have earned global recognition due to their high-performance levels and durability.

Let’s look at some of the main exhaust systems around!

Scorpion’s Exhaust Models

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque – DPF-Back System/ Non-Resonated/ Cat-Back/ Daytona/ SLR001.

Mercedes A-Class A250 AMG (2wd drive) – Non-Resonated Cat-Back System/ EVO/SMBS001.

Mitsubishi Colt Z30 CZT 1.5T – Non-Resonated Cat-Back System/ Daytona/SMTS0113D.

Subaru BRZ – Non-Resonated Cat-Back System/ Daytona/ SSUS010.

Peugeot 208 GTI 1.6T – Non-Resonated Cat-Back System/ Daytona/ SPGS022.

These exhaust systems have a complex design and durable structure achieved via delicate handcrafting. It is considered one of the best exhaust systems around by both racers and tuners. They are extremely dependable giving increased performance than its competitors and most importantly are manufactured right here in the U.K. 

Milltek’s Exhaust Models

Jaguar F-Type S 3.0 V6 Coupe – Cat-Back with Valve and Cerakote Black GT-115 Trims/ SSXJR819.

Vauxhall/ Opel Astra Mk5 1.9 CDTi – Cat-Black VXR-style centre-exit. Requires VXR Rear Bumper/ SSXVX2239.

Porsche 911 996 Carrera and Carrera S (C2 and C4) – Cat-Back Cup System. Uses OE tailpipes.

Scion FR-S 2.0 Litre - Over pipe/ SSXSB033 and Secondary Cat-Back, Non-Resonated/ SSXSB029.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo – Active Valve Control/ SSXAR11 and Front Pipe Back – Valved with GT 100 Cerakote Trims SSXAR13.

Its non-magnetic qualities provide an even flow of gas which allows the vehicle to operate at its best. Manufactured from the best aircraft grade steel, which is also stainless, ensures its durability and that it does not discolour. Preferred as original equipment for vehicles by the leading car brands, this feature shows its dominance over its rivals.

Exhaust being a vital component for any car, we at MG Auto Motorsport understand its importance and bring you a host of top-notch exhausts such as the Scorpion exhaust in Wolverhampton. We also offer you a variety of our well-known services such as:-




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