Summer Tyres

Tyres play a major role in extracting maximum performance from a vehicle and need alterations with changing seasons. Imperatively, with the onset of summer and the gradual rise in temperature, your vehicle must shed off its winter rubbers and opt for quality summer tyres instead.

Experts recommend summer tyres above 7 C (atmosphere temperature), and we at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire advise the same.

However, before you buy summer tyres in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, you need to check which type will suit you the best. MG Auto Motorsport offers a variety of summer tyres catering to all the different vehicles.

First, a brief insight into tyre types:

All Seasons

All seasons tyres can work on both dry and wet roads but may slightly lack the grip you require in snowy conditions.


Winter tyres can provide you with the exceptional grip you require on icy and snowy roads. They can reduce the braking distance substantially under these conditions as compared to other tyres.


Summer tyres are perfect for the dry and warm season and can perform quite efficiently on wet roads as well. In the UK, these tyres are the most commonly used types.

An in-depth account of summer tyres:

Summer tyres can work efficiently in temperatures above 7 degrees C. Owing to their uncomplicated tread pattern with fewer sipes and grooves; these tyres can offer you better braking and traction ability on dry roads.

These tyres also contain a softer rubber material that can deliver you better handling and cornering capabilities in dry or wet conditions.

Why should you use summer tyres?

Affordable summer tyres offer various benefits to justify their purchase in the UK:

* Quieter

As these tyres contain a softer rubber than other ones, they are quieter in nature and can absorb uneven road vibrations.

* Responsive

Summer tyres offer more responsiveness as compared to other tyres escalating their effectiveness while cornering.

* Better mileage

The softer rubber aids in reducing rolling resistance. This, in turn, decreases fuel consumption and increase your car mileage to significant levels.

* Comfort

On dry roads, summer tyres can provide you with more comfort and deliver smoother rides.

When to use summer tyres?

Experts recommend using summer tyres from April to September; some even keep them until mid-October as well. You may find switching tyres a bit tiring, but, during these times, everyone wants to extract a better fuel efficiency and gain better control of their car.

How to store summer tyres?

When not using these tyres, store them in a place that–

* Is cool, dark, and dry.

* Does not contain an object that emits ozone.

* Does not experience frequent room temperature changes.

Now that you know the benefits of summer tyres, why not buy a set? Head over to us at MG Auto Motorsport in Ripley, Nottinghamshire and get your summer tyres today!