The Original Engine Decarbonising System

MG Auto Motorsport Terraclean

TerraClean is the Original Engine Carbon Clean System, TerraClean is also the only Decarbonising System that has two separate machines for Petrol or Diesel engines. Why?

Because Petrol and Diesel engines work with different fuel and combustion technology.

So when you choose a TerraClean Service you can be assured it’s been developed with your engine in mind and uses technology safe for combustion in your vehicle.

At a recent event over 90 cars were TerraCleaned in one day, all of the owners were given s questionnaire and out of all the people surveyed 100% said they’d recommend TerraClean to a Friend – 95% gave 5 out of 5 stars for service ….. the remaining 5% gave us 4 out 5 – if you were wondering!

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Results vary by make, model, age and mileage of vehicle.

What is TerraClean

TerraClean cleans in two stages:

The first stage of cleaning focuses on reducing the number of hydrocarbons created by the unburnt fuel in the exhaust gases. Here the cleansing of the injection system and the inlet valves of the manifold injected engine takes place. This cleansing results in improved fuel pressure, fuel atomization, fuel vapour flow into the engine, subsequently leading to cleaner fuel combustion and reduced hydrocarbons in the engine.

In the second stage, the Aliphatic fuel is passed through the TerraClean Engine, where through a process called “Columbic Fractionation”, it is given a passive negative electric charge. The molecular structure of the fuel is broken down, turning it from liquid to vapour form. The carbon deposits in the engine components have a positive electric charge, hence, are drawn to the negative charge of the vapour to form carbon dioxide that passes out through the exhaust pipe. Thus, the carbon deposits are efficiently removed from your car’s engine. With the cleaner engine, your vehicle will operate efficiently with better-quality emissions and smooth performance.

Note that the principle of the cleaning process remains the same for diesel engines as well, though the technology is little different. The TerraClean machine is connected to the diesel engine to decarbonise it during the pre-combustion and post-combustion phase, with results as mentioned above. The TerraClean machine cleans through DPFs (Diesel Particle Filters) and the Exhaust Gas Recirculation System.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a critical part of the exhaust system that is used to remove diesel particulate matter or soot and reduce harmful emissions from the diesel engine. DPFs usually clean themselves through a self-cleaning process called “Regeneration”. However, there have been instances where it fails to clean itself and become clogged up, leading to deterioration of the vehicle’s performance. Replacement of DPF is costly and removing or tampering with it is illegal and can lead to hefty fines. So get your DPF checked and cleaned at the nearest garage as soon as possible.

Why TerraClean?

Restore MPG

Carbon deposits are formed in the combustion chambers, catalytic convertors and exhaust ports over time.A TerraClean service from MG Auto Motorsport efficiently removes these carbon deposits restoring the performance and fuel economy.

Regain Performance

The build up of carbon and residue left by fuel additives will reduce your engine performance over time. Therefore BHP and all important torque is affected.Removing these carbon deposits with a TerraClean service from MG Auto Motorsport will restore the performance of your vehicle.

Reduce Emissions

Emissions are a key focus for motorists these days and MOT Changes put even more emphasis on this.Combine a TerraClean service with a Diesel Particulate Filter clean at MG Auto Motorsport today.

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