Tyre Labelling

The European Union takes its road safety standards very seriously. It is, thus, not uncommon to see major European countries topping the road safety studies every year. Everything related to tyre safety of a car, for example, is controlled by the European Tyre Labelling Regulation (EULR).

Starting November 2012, the EULR has brought in the 'EU tyre label', which is a modified standard of tyre labelling. At MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, our professional experts have since become adept at handling these new types of tyres and also indulge in selling related tyre models.

Why the new EU Tyre labelling system?

The primary objective behind the EU tyre labelling is threefold. To put things in perspective, we have indicated the key areas that the EULR has kept in mind and how it might influence you.

* Savings via increased fuel efficiency:

While the cost of owning and driving an automobile in the UK is on the rise, the new EU tyre labelling system strives to improve fuel efficiency through their standardised tyre ratings. This rating system is a colour coded scale and ranges from ‘A’ to ‘G’.

‘A’ indicates the maximum (and desirable) fuel efficiency and is the highest level achievable. The ‘G’ grade indicates the lowest fuel efficiency. Whenever you buy a new EU-compatible tyre, make sure that you check this parameter. The closer it is to grade ‘A’, the better.

* Increased safety via improved wet grip:

Most European countries have extremely rainy climates. The higher the wet grip of the tyre, the better and the safer it is. Again, we have an ‘A’ to ‘E’ rating system here. The ‘A’ grade indicates that a tyre in question will provide better road grip and a shorter stopping distance on brake application.

* Reduced noise by decreased external rolling sound:

People often tend to overlook the pollution caused by the noise produced by rolling tyres. The EU tyre label has standardised the volume factor and states the noise produced in decibels.

Car tyres normally have a decibel output between 67 and 71 dB; narrow tyres emit 67 decibels while wider ones have higher decibel output. The new tyre label tries to improve environmental conditions by adding these parameters, which if exceeded, demand a replacement.

Why Choose MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire?

MG Auto Motorsport has made major modifications to its systems ever since 2012 when the new standards were introduced. We also sell a number of compatible tyres for every car model. Besides, we can also help you choose the best tyres depending on your budget and requirement.

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