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With all the prominent tyre manufacturers out there, why would one go with Nexen?

Nexen Tyre Co. has been around for 71 years after originating in South Korea. With a presence in over 120 countries, the company is a foremost manufacturer of car tyres around the world.

Buy Nexen tyres from us at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire and replace your old ones. We are one of the key retailers in #city assuring you affordability with our products.

Why should you replace your old tyre with a Nexen?

Nexen tyres earned critical acclaim for several reasons, some of which include:

  1. They come with a superior mileage warranty.
  2. Nexen tyres offer exceptional durability making them damage-resistant to potholes.
  3. All of their variants deliver all-weather performance.
  4. Their Green Hive concept tyres have earned numerous accolades in 2014 IDEA outperforming around 2000 other designs.

Owing to the reasons mentioned above, numerous UK citizens opt for Nexen tyres as their prime choice.

What products can you get from us?

We sell almost all categories of Nexen tyres available in the UK as of now. Some of our highest selling products include:

  1. CP641

The CP641, a passenger vehicle tyre performs exceptionally well on wet roads owing to its V-directional design. It also helps in maintaining stability during high-speed driving due to its twin type centre. CP641’s circumferential and lateral tread grooves are efficient in eliminating extra moisture.

  1. N8000

N8000s can aid in maximising cornering capabilities by using its asymmetrical tread. It also stabilises your vehicle during high-speeds owing to the presence of a continual centre tread rib.

III. Roadian HP

The Roadian HP, an SUV tyre, stabilises your vehicle when cornering because of its refined shoulder. It can improve handling as it equips an arrow-type centre rib.

The ones mentioned above are some of our top-selling Nexen tyres. So, when you are looking to buy Nexen tyresin Ripley, Nottinghamshire, do have a look at our website or contact us at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd.