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If you have spent considerable time with car enthusiasts, you will understand the importance of a car’s valves. Theoretically speaking, the valves act as gatekeepers, allowing air and fuel entry to the internal combustion engine powering your car. Thus, valves are serious business, and we, at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, take them pretty seriously too.

Are valves that important? Why?

Simply put, if the car’s valves start acting up or are clogged with dirt, mending them can prove to be a hefty investment. These disorders may include compression leak, increased oil consumption, and rather unusual valve-train noises.

If the valves are not repaired or replaced periodically, a blunt valve failure might be inevitable as well resulting in your vehicle’s stalling suddenly. To check if you have any valve-related issues, read through the section below.

Why do valves malfunction and how can I detect them?

The reasons behind malfunctioning valves are technical in nature. The valve’s metal may have impurities, the manufacturing process itself may be the suspect, and using dirty oil can also cause a valve to choke.

Besides, abnormally high operating temperatures, usually caused by over-revving or faster driving, can also lead to valve degradation. Moreover, unprofessional handling of valves can weaken them further.

But the more important question is: how do I know my valves are faulty or need servicing? We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd,lay down a few pointers below.

* Incidences of engine misfiring increases if the valves are compromised.

* The consumption of fuel increases dramatically, and so does the car’s operating cost. While the rise in fuel consumption may be the result of multiple factors, malfunctioning valves are often the usual suspects.

* The engine works sluggishly making manoeuvring your vehicle difficult.

* The overall engine performance, from the power output to the fuel input, goes haywire. This, however, does not always include engine sluggishness (the preceding point), as extremely low temperatures also contribute to sluggish engines.

How does MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley help you?

MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire, uses state of the art technology to determine precisely what is wrong with your car’s valves. Replacements, repairing, and sales- we have it all under one roof. To book an appointment with the experts at MG Auto Motorsport, contact us over the phone or come directly to our workshop.