Van Tyres

When was the last time you weren’t worried about unprecedented leaks when preparing your van for a long journey and a delivery schedule? You know that van tyres take the burden of considerably heavy loads and you pray that it doesn't give up mid-way in the middle of nowhere.

So, we at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire provide every solution for all your worries regarding your van tyres. We understand the different requirements for your vehicle, whether you need it for the long haul or city stops.

A proper set of tyres can help you increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, provide wet grip, and reduce noise. It also increases vehicle safety and keeps it road legal.

What’s significant in van tyres

Van tyres withstand a much higher load while striving to provide maximum efficiency. It is different in some aspects than an ordinary car’s tyre.

* A different construction –

Van tyres are made stronger for carrying a heavier load. Also, they are used during longer hauls and if needed, in adverse weather conditions as well. So they have a well-balanced design with stronger rubber and a reinforced sidewall.

* Ability to maximise fuel efficiency -

Probably the most important aspect is the value for money provided by these tyres. Saving money is important, especially for commercial use. So, we provide highly efficient van tyres at MG Auto Motorsport that are made from special tread compounds increasing fuel efficiency.

* Sufficient tread depth –

You might have to haul cargo even on rough terrains as well. That’s why a sufficient tyre tread depth is required for ensuring on-road safety. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. However, our experts advise 3mm as minimum.

Also, under-inflation increases the amount of tyre tread that connects with the road, increasing friction, and thus, reducing mileage. Also, check for any bulge or crack before the journey.

How are we different

We at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd offer a variety of van tyres in Ripley, Nottinghamshire. We also offer necessary checks and inspections so that you burn the least amount of fuel and get the maximum service out of your vehicle. Contact us today, and get a quotation right away. Also, you can book your van tyres online via our shop's website.