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We all know how it feels to have the wind in your hair and a smile on your face when you are driving down the motorways on a rare sunny day. However, a wobbly car may change all that. It might even end up in your car piling up. If you find your car “misbehaving” and drifting in different directions, it might be suffering from wheel alignment issues.

Here, the weight of the wheels and their balance need to be even throughout the rotation cycle to ensure a straight drive. This is where our wheel alignment services come in handy.

A brief insight into wheel alignment:

Also known as tracking, wheel alignment is simply making adjustments to the wheel-axles to make them parallel to each other as well as perpendicular to the road. Wheel alignment, especially when carried out with professional expertise as practised at MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, serves three functions.

* It is a significant aspect of vehicle management.

* When done correctly, it reduces wear-and-tear in the tyres,

* Ensures better overall vehicular performance and longevity.

The technicians at our company would set the direction and angles as specified by the manufacturers of the car.

What causes misalignment of wheels?

Primarily, we have encountered three major instances which cause wheel misalignment.

* Heavy impact – Accidents, bumping or potholes may cause sudden jerk leaving a heavy impact on the wheel balance.

* Worn out parts – Long-time usage can cause suspension springs and other such components to wear out, which ultimately causes a shift in the tyre alignment.

* Height modification – If your car suspension isn’t adjusted according to the height of the vehicle, it is likely to suffer from misalignment.

A few technicalities related to wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is a highly technical job and needs a professional hand. We follow three parameters to align the wheel angles.

> The Toe Alignment: From a straight position, the ‘toe’ is the amount of deviation that the front wheels have. Depending on the extent of deviation, toe alignment can be carried out on only the front wheels or both the front and rear wheels.

> Camber Alignment: This is the vertical tilt of the car’s wheels. If the camber is misaligned, tyre wear will happen rapidly, especially on the edges.

> Caster Alignment: When viewed from a side, the caster is the angle of the steering pivot. No tyre issues here, but the car’s steering stability might be affected.

Common wheel alignment terminologies you must know

MG Auto Motorsport believes in educating its customers. Some more technical details are as follows.

Toe: The direction to which your car’s tyres point with relation to the centre line is the toe. The toe can also be expressed from a distance between the front and rear wheels on the same axle.

Toe-in: A toe-in occurs when, on the same axle, the front of the wheels is closer than the wheel’s rear.

Toe-out: The opposite of the preceding point, toe-out occurs when, on the same axle, the rear of the wheels is closer together than the front of the wheels.

Camber: The camber is the angle through which both the wheel and the tyre stand with reference to the surface.

Zero Camber: A zero camber angle is when the wheels are fully perpendicular to the road.

Positive Camber: When the top of the wheel leans outside of the chassis, it is a classic case of positive camber.

Negative Camber: A negative camber angle is when the top of the wheel leans towards the car. A negative camber indicates that your wheels are in good shape.

Caster: The caster angle is the difference created by the steering’s pivot point from the front and going to the rear. An inward angle is a positive caster; a negative caster is when the angle points backwards. A positive caster is indicative of a car’s good health and is desired.

Why select MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire as your trusted wheel aligning company?

* We have a team of highly skilled specialists

* We use only the best and latest technology – the Hunter elite TD alignment machine.

* Years of experience have rewarded us with loyal customers.

* 100% client satisfaction assured.

If you come across any symptom indicating misalignment of the wheels, visit MG Auto Motorsport Ltd in Ripley, Nottinghamshire.

Allow our trained technicians to offer you the best wheel alignment services at competitive prices. You can contact us by phone, directly at our workshop or online in case you have any more queries. We are happy to help!