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MK3 1.4 TSI Coupé FWD 2013-2016

  • SuperPro Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bush Kit SPF3346-90K

    £64.96 inc VAT Buy now
  • SuperPro 24mm Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar RC0005FZ-24

    £277.76 inc VAT Buy now
  • SuperPro 24mm Front Adjustable & 22mm Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Kit RCVAG005KIT

    £748.08 inc VAT Buy now
  • Manifold Boost Tap

    £42.13 inc VAT Buy now
  • VTA for late-model Audi,VW, Skoda, and SEAT 1.2 and 1.4TSI models

    £185.66 inc VAT Buy now