Forge Motorsport Turbo Inlet Adaptor for Audi, Cupra, Skoda, VW (LHD)


Part Number: FMTIA9. Turbo Inlet Adaptor for VW Golf R MK8 LHD

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  • Increases of up to 8bhp
  • Increases of 11 lb/ft torque
  • Manufactured from cast aluminium for maximum clearance and excellent flow.
  • Black coating for ultimate protection and durability.
  • Increased capacity of over 40%
  • No engine check lights (EML)
  • Increased air flow
  • Lifetime warranty

Please note, if you are puchasing this for the 2021 onwards, VW Tiguan R, you will need to select this option when ordering

We specialise in aftermarket car parts to improve driving experience for owners. Following the success of our performance inlet tract FMTIA5 for the UKs RHD variant, Forge Motorsport are proud to offer the long awaited high flow intake solution for the revised 2021 onwards LHD MQB platform 2.0 DNF code engines with the continental turbo charger and higher output engine. We have developed many VW performance parts for various models, and this product replaces the restrictive plastic inlet pipe, with our smooth bore multi-ply Forge silicone hose which increases air flow, improving efficiency and car performance. This equates to increases of up to 8bhp, which is a remarkable gain for an easy to fit bolt on modification.

The Forge developed turbo inlet adaptor improves your vehicles airflow in several ways; designed in a similar way to a conventional velocity stack it directs the air into your turbo charger and allows more air to be compressed due to its larger capacity. This has a positive effect on accelerating your vehicle after long deceleration or in between gear changes due to more air being kept within the intake system. We have supplied silicone hoses for cars for many years, and you’ll find plastic OEM inlet hose has ribs and steps within the bore causing turbulence and disturbing the airflow. Our experience in product development means our large Forge Motorsport silicone turbo inlet hose has increased flow over the standard item and testing on the dyno certainly represent the huge benefits from such a well-engineered product.

The Forge inlet pipe fits directly to the factory airbox along with most aftermarket performance intakes. The hours of development and testing are translated into the results you can feel; when on the throttle this is a component which has proven adds extra power. A Simple swap on the dyno to our FMTIA9 proved to enhance power and lower throttle response with gains of 8+ BHP and 11 lb/ft Torque at peak RPM along with around 5 lbft and 6 BHP in the midrange.

This is a simple installation and a modification that releases even more power from the VAG motor and fitting takes typically around 40 minutes. As with all Forge Motorsport products it includes a full set of comprehensive installation instructions to make fitting as straightforward as possible.

Coupled with our performance Forge induction kit FMINDK40 gains of 16 BHP can be expected on a stock vehicle. With the VW Golf Rs ECU now being cracked this performance part is a must have if you are considering a software recalibration. This performance intake solution is available in black, blue, or red.

Complimentary Products

Also available for this platform is our blow off and recirculation valves. These valves are a full replacement atmospheric blow off (i.e. noisy) or recirculation (i.e. quiet) valve that integrate seamlessly with the OEM electronics and results in no detriment in performance, and absolutely NO fault codes or check engine lights, which isn’t something that can be said of our competition! 

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your Mk8 GTI is the utilisation of the Forge panel filter. The filter is made using a high-quality, high-flow, synthetic nanofiber filtration media which is then pleated to maximise the effective surface area which in turn increases air flow. This was tested up against many other medias to where we found the synthetic nanofiber filtration media outperformed all others. 

Temperature and volume of air supplied to your vehicles engine that is compressed by the turbo charger has a better effect on performance when cool as this is to provide the engine with more oxygen (denser air), thus improving the combustion in each cylinder. In addition, by regulating and reducing the air temperature, it also increases the reliability of the engine by keeping the AFRs (Air Fuel Ratios) in each cylinder at a safe level

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